"Barbaric" and what it means

Our loyal readers may be wondering, “What is this term ‘barbaric’ that you keep using and what does it have to do with Governor Palin?”

Well, to paraphrase the Great Ronald Reagan, “I’ve spoken about the term Barbaric my whole political life, but I don’t think I ever communicated what I saw when I said it.”

Barbaric is the biggest reason why Governor Sarah Palin should not run for the Senate. Barbaric is the reason why we are at “status quo,” which is Latin for the “mess we’re in,” as Ronaldus Magnus once said.

Barbaric is what happens to people when they spend their whole adult life in Washington, D.C.

Barbaric happened to Robert Byrd, and we don’t want it to happen to Sarah America.

A couple of weeks ago we held a poll which posed the question, “Should Palin run for U.S. Senate?” The answer was clear:

Yea: 93
Nay: 213
Present: 25

And debate over the results ensued on the Senate floor.

Senator Jefferson Smith was the first to react to the news that he would not be joined by a reformer like Gov. Palin in the Senate.

Barbaric himself then rose to speak and he went on a four minute rant about, well… we still haven’t figured it out. But he was obviously angry at the “Senator from Timbaktu.” I think he was trying to say that Palin will not be the Senator from Timbaktu, which might have been the name of Alaska when he was first elected to the Senate in 1804.

However, Byrd was not done with this statement, and he gave us, “Barbaric!”

Do not let what happened to Senator Byrd (or John McCain while we’re at it) happen to Sarah Palin. Please urge the Governor to run for another term as the chief executive of the state of Alaska and avoid becoming another hapless victim of the “Club of 100.”

Do not allow Governor Palin and her beliefs to become, as Senator Smith called it, “another lost cause.”

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