Esquire Interview with Palin

Esquire has five quotation snippets up of from “a brand-new “What I’ve Learned” interview” that will appear in their March issue.

Exit question: Why not publish the article now? Perhaps one stipulation for the interview was that they not publish it until well after the inauguration. She is not interested in being the center of attention right now. At least, that’s the impression one gets from reading this.

Contributor Critical Thinker writes:

It is sad to say this and probably evil to wish this upon the Governor, but I hope the MSM keeps attacking her over the next four years. It will keep her in the lime light and serve as training for a POTUS run in 12.’ Her skin will be so thickened and her strategies so sharpened she might be a Frankenstein monster for Progressives, one which their very own media outlets would’ve helped create. How very Machiavellian.


A reader who goes by the nom de cyber promachus writes:


I am asking this in a spirit of constructive criticism. Gov.Palin says that she should have asked for more room for calling her own shots in managing her campaign. Should the fact that she didn’t be taken as a comment on her inexperience on the national stage or her poor political skills?

My father used to say, “you’re only an amateur once.”

Palin is a team player. She ascribes many of her foundational life lessons to her experience playing team sports. She told Charlie Gibson that her role on her high school championship basketball team was to “feed the ball to the big guys.”

She thought she was doing her job for the McCain campaign. If you step into a dysfunctional organization, which Team Maverick certainly was, there is only so much you can do to make it better. You have to trust that the people who serve you have your best interests at heart. Sadly this was not the case. She must have assumed that they would respect her position, but this was also not the case. I interpret Palin’s Esquire comment as a polite way of saying, “I shouldn’t have been so trusting.”

She won’t be fooled again, and the next time she’ll be calling the shots, not playing second fiddle on the Titanic.

My colleague Critical Thinker makes an interesting (and barbaric!) suggestion. But I disagree. During the election a friend said to me, “Sarah Palin has given birth five times. She’s not afraid of the damn media.”

It suddenly occurred to me that we’ve never had a president before who could claim to possess that particular kind of courage. Make of that what you will.

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