Governor Palin on Glenn Beck Today – 5pm ET

Be sure to check out the premiere of Glenn Beck’s new television program on the Fox News Channel. Beck’s first guest will be Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The show airs at 5pm ET.

Glenn Beck is also asking his viewers to submit a question that he will use for Governor Palin’s interview.

We are aware that many of our readers will be working at 5pm today, but don’t worry because we will have the interview uploaded onto the main site as soon as it becomes available and it will also be placed into the “Governor Palin Media Database,” which can be found on the left side-bar. The database is a collection of youtube videos, audio files and transcripts where you can see and hear Governor Palin discuss topics that include energy, national security, economics and other issues.

And as always we encourage readers to leave comments, just make sure that you use a civil tone while debating the issues.

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