Governor Palin on Glenn Beck – VIDEO ADDED

Update: Allahpundit of has posted the video and added his own commentary. However, AP has completely distorted the interview and is obviously ignorant of the facts. He claims that Palin is attempting to “play nice” with President Obama in order to receive money from the “stimulus.”

AP Writes:

“Five minutes of highlights from tonight’s Glenn Beck debut placing the ‘Cuda in the accommodationist camp with Tim Pawlenty and, presumably, any other governor who might need a bailout or two down the line.”

This is a complete falsehood on the part of Governor Palin has sent a letter warning her congressional delegation on the risks posed to the nation’s financial health by Obama’s economic plans. She is receiving grief from Alaska’s new senator for “not asking for enough federal money.” And she is on the record claiming that increasing the national debt may cause the collapse of the American economy.

We posted about it here:

Begich unhappy with Gov. Palin

Palin warns that adding to national debt can lead to collapse of the economy

JR: I did not care for the first question. The second question was fine because it allowed Palin to end on a happy note on an issue that many people love and respect her for.

Satellite interviews are not very good. Too many uncomfortable pauses between the host and the guest. This may cause the guest to “jump the gun” on a question.

Jim62sch writes:

All in all, pretty good. Beck screwed up one of the audience questions, by saying “with an Ivy League degree” instead of “without an Ivy League degree”.

The Guv must have been thinking “what kind of a question is that?”

I agree Jim, maybe this is a problem with live television shows?

ramrocks: The Guv mentioned her daughter Willow’s astute comments about the punitive nature of taxing the most successful members of society. I think we can safely assume that the Guv ain’t raising any “Ron Reagan Juniors.” Thank God for that!

Question: She wasn’t actually outside, was she?

That question about ivy leaguers was very odd. Was the questioner asking how can a person with an ivy league degree make it in politics? Huh?! Maybe he/she is unaware of the fact that most of our power brokers have ivy league degrees. I hardly think ivy leaguers are being discriminated against. I am half tempted to believe that the question was a prank of some sort.

Next question: Did she mispronounce “mucky muck” or was she using some term that I’ve never heard before? Or perhaps that was just her accent.

JR: Speaking from the east coast, I have never heard the term “mucky muck” before. I mentioned above that I really did not like the first question and Beck may have messed up in the delivery of it. But it was a nice interview and “mistakes” will be quickly forgotten tomorrow when THE ONE is placed on his throne. This interview was clearly aimed at the people who already support her, so no big deal.

ramrocks: Our friend Jim clarifies the ivy league question:

I read the question when it was up on the screen. The person was asking “How can someone without an Ivy League degree make a difference?” or something along those lines. Beck read it as “with an Ivy League degree” which made the question nonsense.It could have been a great opportunity for the Guv to talk about getting involved in politics at the grassroots level like she did. Instead she was left scrambling trying to extemporize a response to a question that must have seemed nonsensical to her. The Ivy League people run the country – why would one of them asking how to make a difference?

Excellent catch, Jim! Thank you

And Jim makes another great catch:

I grew up in the Upper Midwest, where the people all talk the characters in “Fargo” (a lot of the immigrants to the Mat-Su Valley came from that part of the country) and people still use the expression “muck-a-muck”, though it’s becoming less common.

She said it as “mock-a-mock” to my ears, but maybe that’s just her accent.

Yes, that must be it. It was a regional thing all the way around — accent and idiom. This reminds me of her use of the phrase “off high center.” Someone from the frozen North had to explain that to me.

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JR: Did you notice how Palin mentioned her daughter when discussing capitalism and Obama’s tax policy? Even a teenager understands how free market economics works and Obama does not. Brilliant move by the ‘Cuda there.

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