Michael "Steele Crazy for the ‘Cuda"

JR: Yeah, I think Remington Steele was a good show.

From our good friend Meltenn:

Have you guys seen this post about Michael Steele on Sarah Palin Radio over at Team Sarah? His defense of her is smart politics on his part (i.e. The base loves her, and he’s running for RNC chair), and is consistent with what he said during the campaign. See here. I also found it interesting that after the election he apparently tried to get some face time with her. See here. I never heard whether or not he got it. He and Katon Dawson have both been consistent in defending her from unfair attacks, both during the campaign and after, but haven’t been ‘over the top’. In other words, it seems like they recognize that she’s incredibly popular with the base of the party and could be the future of the party if given the opportunity to grow and mature in governance, and so they speak up when necessary and defend her (see: Dawson’s statement after all the sniping and backstabbling by staffers in the immediate aftermath of the election). But they haven’t pinned all their hopes on her either (which is smart politics on their part, in my view). They’ve been fair, which is really all that I ask for.


Meltenn writes:
You have to be a member to click through the Team Sarah link, so, here’s the URL for the interview that the Team Sarah post was talking about: http://www.sarahpalinradio.com/

It’s under the ‘Listen 24/7 link on the front page of ‘Sarah Palin Radio’. The interview is in two parts, and most of the Palin stuff is in Part 2.

I just think it’s interesting that he’s been so vocal in his support of her when others in the RNC have not (Katon Dawson excepted). I believe he mentions in Part 2 of the interview that he actually met her in Alaska last year. I wasn’t aware of that before this interview.


JR: Michael Steele is a candidate for the position of “RNC Chair.” Here is his website: Draft Michael Steele

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