Obama Inaugural Address

That speech was just terrible. I think the speechwriter took all of his stump speeches and put them together. There was no central theme to it. It was all over the place. Maybe his speechwriter was the same guy from Airplane!

“and don’t call me shirley”

Wow, that poem was pretty bad too.

UPDATE: Mike Ditka responds:

Did the guy giving the prayer just say, “where white will embrace what is right?”

“Yellow will be mellow?”

ramrocks: The final prayer was given by Dr. Joseph Lowery, a great civil rights leader who marched with Dr. King. Regardless of the silliness of some of his phrases, I think we should be mindful of his heroic part in the Civil Rights movement.

As Gov. Palin said yesterday, this election was a positive move for all of those who felt left out of this nation’s power structure because of their race. Race or gender should not be a barrier to the highest office in the land. Some day we will see the gender barrier removed.

I don’t hold it against any African American who voted for Obama out of a sincere desire to see an African American become president. My late father used to say that he only voted for a Democrat once in his entire life and that was only to prove that a Catholic could be president.

He voted for JFK because he wanted a Catholic to be president. We sometimes forget these days just how remarkable an achievement it was to elect a non-WASP. There was a great deal of anti-Catholic sentiment during that campaign. Critics even made snide jokes about JFK turning the Statue of Liberty into “Our Lady of America,” and people seriously thought that he would have a secret hotline to the Vatican. So, my very Republican father voted for a Democrat. My family has been Republican ever since my grandfather came here from Lebanon in 1916. We joined the GOP because the Irish wouldn’t let us swarthy Mediterraneans join the Democratic Party, which they controlled in the inner cities; and we eventually repaid them for this by voting for the first Irish Catholic president.

So, I don’t hold it against them, but I should warn them that my father always ended his statement about only voting for a Democrat once by saying, “and I later regretted it.” After the Cuban Missile Crisis, that is.

JR: Hey, Barry, send some of that “Global Warming” to New Jersey… the battery in my truck was killed because of the cold!

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