Obama/McCain Snub the ‘Cuda from Dinner

H/T Hotair.com

The dinner is to honor Philippe McCain and the rest of the Vichy GOP. Also, expect McCain’s sidekick, Pierre Grahamnesty, to make an appearance.


Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, his running-mate, will not attend the dinner, Bill McAllister, a Palin spokesman tells Mother Jones…

If Palin was left off the guest list, it’s not clear whether the snub came from McCain or the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Good, because we don’t want her anywhere near that McCain-Obama “love fest”… Maybe Grahamnesty and McCain will fight over who gets to take Obama home! Maybe one of them will get lucky with the Messiah…

The Messiah obviously fears the ‘Cuda… when she was announced as the VP candidate, the Obama campaign immediately compared The ONE to her. She is a threat to both liberals and RINOs.

A reader writes:

I’d say she wasn’t invited because I’m sure she would have felt obligated to go if she had been, but she does have a couple of things going on next week: i.e. the start of the legislative session, relocating her family to Juneau for the session, and her State of the State address. A trip to D.C. for her isn’t a quick thing either. It’s about a 10 hour flight from Alaska to D.C. (one way) so her time in the air alone would have kept her out of the state for an entire day. McAllister should have ignored ‘Mother Jones’ questions like the Obama transition office has. Never give outlets like ‘Mother Jones’ a comment about anything. They just want to stir things up.

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