Gov. Palin’s Appeal Endures

Beliefnet’s Steve Waldman has a remarkably foolish post up:

I was struck that Sarah Palin did so poorly in the straw poll of conservatives (13%, tied with Ron Paul) at the big conservative confab this weekend. It may be that participants were just annoyed that she didn’t show up but I also wonder whether we have another Dan Quayle scenario. Conservatives rallied around Quayle because he was mocked by liberal elites. But when he actually went out on his own and presented himself as a leader of the Republican Party in 2000, he fizzled (came in 8th in the Ames Iowa straw poll).

It turns out that conservatives loved him because liberals loathed him. It also turns out that, while useful, that’s not quite enough.

This is such a transparently stupid analogy. There was no Team Dan army in 1992. No one packed Dan Quayle rallies. No one ever considered Dan Quayle a rock star-like celebrity. There was never any talk of $11 million book deals for Dan Quayle’s memoirs. Television ratings never skyrocketed when Dan Quayle appeared on a TV show.

And the idea that the CPAC straw poll is indicative of the primaries is a complete joke. We’ve discussed it here.

Meanwhile, the Geek Files blog at the UK Telegraph reports:

The Alaska Governor and former Republican vice-presidential candidate features in the Female Force series by comicbook publisher Bluewater Productions, as I reported earlier.

And advance orders have been so huge that the Palin issue has sold out and will now get a second printing.


The huge sales occurred prior to the comic’s street release on March 11. The second printing of the comic will feature the same painted cover of Sarah Palin by Patricio Carbajal.

I don’t recall any sold out Dan Quayle comic books.

Our friend from across the pond, The Aged P, has a very interesting take on Gov. Palin in a post titled “Governor Palin – going de Gaulle”:

Staying out of the spotlight is not an option for some of these folk who often see politics as showbiz where your PR people will tell you that you have to be forever working on your next film or album to remain in the public eye. But the Governor does not need any of that – like de Gaulle she is so deeply impressed upon the public’s imagination that she needs no PR, she is simply there.

De Gaulle was relatively unknown to the French people in 1940 but millions of them heard his broadcast from London at the moment of their deepest despair and in those few minutes he became the inspiration and hope for so many. Governor Palin walked onto the stage at the Republican Convention, electrified millions and stole their hearts forever with her grace, her honesty and her love of life sealing there and then a contract and covenant of support through fire and flood whatever may happen. Camille Paglia called her an immensely talented politician whose time had not yet come. But perhaps, one day, just as in 1958 with de Gaulle, a message will go across Canada to the north saying her time has come – and then the banners must unfurl…

Did anyone else get chills when they read that last sentence? Leave it to a Brit to write so poetically about our Sarah America.

Read The Aged P’s complete post. It’s well worth it.

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