Incompetent RNC Still Won’t Resolve Wardrobe Issue

A while back, we asked our readers to contact the RNC because they refuse to close the books on their campaign wardrobe issue that is still fodder for lame jokes.

The catalyst back then was that the RNC refused to tell Palin biographer Lorenzo Benet what they did with the clothing, which they had promised to donate to charity. Now today we find out that the RNC won’t even tell Fox News!

Like Byron York, I’m starting to get concerned about Steele. For example, from a recent interview, we get this Steele quote:

STEELE: I mean, like Sarah Palin said, you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.

WTF? Anyone who was watching the campaign, and has two brain cells to rub together, knows that it was Obama who made this remark to attack Palin – she wasn’t the one who said it!

Get it together, Steele.

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