Morning Links

The Washington Independent describes the reaction of CPAC viewers to Ziegler’s Palin interview.

Kathleen Parker says Mitt Romney is the obvious leader of the GOP.

Governor Palin attempts to forestall postal rate increases for Native Alaskans.

Kevin Kerr at the Wall Street Journal says oil prices will be heading up, even higher than they were last year. (hat tip to Sinistar)

Ted Kennedy will soon become Sir Theodore.

Maureen Dowd slams Obama – over wasteful spending!

Bobby Jindal was right!

UPDATED: One more – shares of McClatchy Newspapers (the owner of the Anchorage Daily News) down to 42 cents per share. The share price was over $74 as recently as 2005. McClatchy Watch has been following the news of layoffs from MNI papers around the country – still no news from the ADN.

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