Obama Hack’s Efforts Finally Pay Off

“Hello, we are here to investigate Governor Palin.”

The ADN reports that Democrat Senator Kim Elton will take a post in the Obama Administration’s Department of the Interior:

JUNEAU — Alaska Sen. Kim Elton is leaving his legislative seat for a job in the Obama Administration.

The Juneau Democrat announced on the Senate floor today that he was resigning to take a job in Washington, D.C., as the Director of Alaska Affairs for the Department of Interior.

Elton thanked his colleagues, constituents, staff and family.

His resignation takes effect at the close of business today.

Hey, Kim, you forgot to thank Governor Palin for your sudden popularity with the Obama administration. At least you can say this about Obama, he is loyal to his henchmen.

Governor Palin will be choosing his replacement:

Gov. Sarah Palin will select Elton’s replacement but needs a majority of the Democrats in the State Senate to approve her pick. The Democratic Party in Juneau will submit names for Palin to consider but she does not have to follow its advice.

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