UPDATED: Some Morning Reading

The Brilliant One notes that David “Fatal Cancer” Brooks has joined the Buyer’s Remorse Brigade. Brooks, in a nutshell: “Okay, maybe I was kinda dumb to carry Barack Obama’s water. But hey, I’m sorta like Alexander Hamilton. Let’s forge a bold new moderate vision!”

Eric Florack at Pajamas discusses the battle between the conservative grassroots and the RINO elite at CPAC.

I’m seeing more and more stuff like this sprout up on the extreme right fringe. Are these people our equivalent of WFB’s Birchers, or the brick-throwing anti-globalization kooks on the left? Will Sarah Palin eventually need to have a Sister Souljah Moment with these people?

UPDATED by VO: I meant to link this yesterday…in a guest editorial at the ADN, Craig Fleener, a Native Alaskan and head of the Subsistence Division at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, provides a brilliant response to the Ashley Judd eco-lunatics.

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