To defend or not defend? That is the question.

I was lying in bed last night, tossing and turning. I guess running a 72 hour shift gets you used to not sleeping. Anyway, I got to thinking. It seems we are constantly defending Governor Palin here, and I began to think how ridiculous it is that we must do so.

We have a guy who cheated on his taxes, no one even feels the need to defend him, and he gets promoted to Treasury Secretary.

We have a former Senator who lied on his tax returns, and all he has to do to get off scot free is withdraw from his nomination for Health and Human Services Secretary.

We have a woman who arguably made racist remarks and she’s promoted to Supreme Court Justice.

We have a chairman of Ways and Means who lies on his tax returns, and it takes over a year for someone to consider that perhaps they should investigate.

We have a governor who flies off to Argentina to service his parts. A couple of months go by and it seems all is forgiven.

We have an organization who finds it justifiable to house illegal, under age prostitutes using taxpayer money, and other than some minor critiques they get a pass.

We have a president who is burying the country in debt, condemns the US at every turn, and appeases our enemies, yet wins a Nobel Prize.

We have a president that can’t say a sentence without a teleprompter, yet is applauded for his eloquence.

The list goes on…

Yet we’re forced to continuously defend Governor Palin. For what? What has she ever done that needs defending, really?

For a comment, some actress made, on a comedy sketch?

For a ridiculous question a journalist asked her?

For giving birth to a special needs baby?

For removing a ring while shaking hands?

For going fishing?

For wearing a jacket?

For defending the United States?

For writing a memoir?

For a mishandled presidential campaign she had no control over, yet did her best to revive?

For having to waste $500,000 to defend herself against 20+ frivolous ethic complaints?

For achieving as Governor in two years what others haven’t achieved in two terms?

For resigning after feeling she was becoming a distraction to her state and to save the taxpayers money?

For delivering an off the charts speech without a teleprompter, and who wrote the speech becomes the concern?

And the list goes on…

It’s rather frustrating and ridiculous. This is not just a double standard, this is Alinsky.

To defend or not defend? That is the question.

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