Who Should Leave The Room?

Governor Palin has now done a series of interviews covering a wide range of topics, including her personal life and policy issues ranging from the war in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Israel, North Korea, Health Care, the Economy and Energy. But, from reading and watching the media, you would come to the conclusion that all she was talking about was whether Levi Johnston would be joining her for Thanksgiving and whether she would run on a ticket with Glenn Beck.

While making those issues the main focus of her interviews, she is continuously criticized for responding to questions about Levi Johnston, the Katie Couric interview, and whether she would run on a ticket with Glenn Beck. She is advised to move away from those issues and talk substance. (That is exactly what she tried to do when Oprah asked her about it and her initial response was “must we”). Can you imagine the outrage of the MSM if she had not responded to those questions when asked? Asking Governor Palin how she would respond to a certain question should she run for the presidency, or whether she will choose a certain running mate, is ridiculous by default. How can she answer those questions without implying that she is or isn’t seeking higher office? The media, it would seem, is just waiting for her to insult someone so they can proclaim “Gotcha”.

I would be the first one to admit that, although on most issues the Governor has knocked it out of the park, if she plans to seek higher office she will need to familiarize herself better. But, for some reason she’s expected to have a better grip in the issues – as some supposedly GOP elder has proclaimed “her knowledge gaps are embarrassing” – and come up with better solutions on the issues than the president of the United States himself.

Governor Palin holds no elected office and receives no briefings or reports either on economic issues or national security issues, all the information she gets comes from the same place where everyday Americans get their news. Despite the limited sources she has to inform her decisions, she demonstrates a far greater understanding of these issues than the President with all the resources he has available to him. What she lacks in classified information available to the president is more than compensated for with her common sense conservatism. Common sense, of course, is a commodity totally absent from the current administration.

In comparison, on the economy Governor Palin calls for tax cuts and incentives for employers so they have a reason to grow their businesses and hire more people. President Obama’s solution of spending, spending, and more spending, will do nothing but stimulate higher future taxes, interest rates, and inflation. This is not an environment conducive to the expansion of business payrolls. Quite the opposite. On health care, Governor Palin advocates tort reform, allowing businesses and individuals to purchase insurance across state lines, and tax credits for employers. President Obama’s solution: having our health care controlled by the same people who run the post office. On Afghanistan, Governor Palin urges listening to the commanders on the ground. President Obama’s response: “I’ll get back to you on that”. On Iran, Governor Palin suggests talking to those who have the most influence on the Iranians, the Russians. President Obama? Well, he’s still looking for Ahmadinejad’s phone number.

All of the ideas that Governor Palin has been calling for are always echoed by all those “elite” Ivy League commentators. However, when it issues forth from their lips it’s considered brilliant, not so when Governor Palin says it. Who can forget the bizarre article Charles Krauthammer wrote in which he tells Governor Palin to “leave the room” for bringing up the concept of death panels before he spends the rest of his article explaining why the Obama plan contains…death panels?

While President Obama, even with a teleprompter, “ahs” and “ums” over his daily briefings, Governor Palin calls it like she sees it. The President is portrayed as being a genius for answering a question on how it feels to be president. Governor Palin? She simply doesn’t measure up because she answers questions directly without 18 different shades of gray in her answers. According to the elites, Obama’s nuanced non-answers are to be celebrated while Governor Palin’s direct, common sense answers on such topics as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Israel, North Korea, Health Care, the economy and energy, are a sign that she should leave the room.

(H/T Doug for editing assistance)

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