Going Green on Governor Palin

When a reporter begins an interview with the following statement:

Truth is, I came in wanting to hate the woman,

you know the interviewee didn’t have a chance from the get go and no matter how the interview turns out the writer will do their best to spin it negatively.

When I read Michele Mandel’s interview with Governor Palin, logically I should have stopped right there, however I was curious how she’s going to spin this one.

Judging by the title, one would assume that the interview was policy driven or that the discussion was dominated by the Governor’s future presidential plans. But, by the author’s own admission, in a not so flattering way, she notes that she had a short five minutes with the Governor and only personal questions were asked. So what conclusion about someone’s presidential qualifications can one come to by talking to someone for five minutes about how they balance motherhood with bringing up a family? Not much, I would say.

As with all those writers who simply hate Governor Palin she goes along with the standard often recycled and extensively debunked lies about the Governor including the one that “she preached abstinence-only sex education”. This has been debunked here, here and here.

Why all the hatred? It’s simple; it seems Ms. Mandel was more impressed with the Governor than she would have wanted you to believe. While not walking away from the interview with anything significant, there is something she did pick up. She does admit that the Governor is not as stupid or uneducated as the media (or she) has been trying to portray her:

[A] tad more articulate than she appeared during her disastrous run on the Republican presidential ticket in 2008

Okay, so again not so flattering but she must have been so impressed that maybe subconsciously she slipped that in again towards the end of the article:

Okay, so we said she was a little more articulate than we’d thought.

In other words, what Ms. Mandel really meant is “WOW, this woman is smart, how am I to report this? well, I can always take out the garbage”.

That’s the left for you, no matter what Governor Palin says or does if they can’t find anything to spin they’ll just go green on her: recycling the trash.

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