Coach Wooden’s Parquet Success—a Blueprint for Life

As a reminder that there’s (much) more to life than politics, Governor Palin’s latest Facebook note is in response to the news that legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden is hospitalized in grave condition at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” —Coach John Wooden

Ever since we were kids, Todd and I have looked at Coach John Wooden as a true hero. His quotes plastered our bulletin boards, school notebooks, and locker doors. Realizing this mutual admiration of Coach Wooden when Todd and I first met about 30 years ago was a sure sign that we were on the same page.

From afar we have admired Coach’s wit and wisdom, we’ve absorbed his writings and the life lessons he’s taught from the basketball court. Coach’s “Pyramid of Success” is a blueprint that everyone in this country should tack within eyesight and try to follow daily. Coach teaches: “Material possessions, winning scores, and great reputations are meaningless in the eyes of the Lord, because He knows what we really are and that is all that matters,” but I admit I fail that material possession lesson as I prize a favorite one that’s displayed in our living room—a genuine autographed copy of his Success Pyramid.

Feel better, Coach Wooden! You are God’s gift to those who recognize value in life lessons learned in the arena of competition. In the midst of all your success on the parquet you’ve reminded us what really matters. You remind us to be courageous and optimistic and prepared. Truly, you are a gift on this earth, and our world needs you to keep on giving!

Feel better. We love you. Thanks for teaching us: “Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.”

—Todd and Sarah Palin and our families, your biggest fans

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” —Coach John Wooden

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