Mitt Romney a Day Late (As Usual); UPDATED

As is his custom, Mitt Romney is again a day late and a dollar short. Via CNN:

A day after advancing to Georgia’s Republican gubernatorial runoff as the favorite to win the nomination, Karen Handel picked up the support of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, CNN has learned.

How anyone can take this guy seriously is a mystery to me. He has become, literally, a parody of himself.

Update: (h/t Mel) To endorse someone after she won the primary by 11 points and is favored to win the runoff takes a lot of….er…what? Courage?

Update II: Peter Hamby of CNN is compelled to rush to the Mittster’s defense via Twitter:

@C4Palin Not sure what you mean late “as usual.” Romney endorsed Nikki Haley and Terry Branstad well before Sarah Palin did

While it’s true Romney did endorse Nikki Haley before Governor Palin, something we’ve noted several times, that doesn’t change the fact that he hid in the tall grass when she was being attacked by South Carolina’s Republican establishment, many of whom were in Romney’s inner circle of advisors as Hamby himself noted. It was only after Haley’s decisive win in the primary that Romney emerged from the shadows (as he is doing today with Karen Handel) to shower Haley with money. And then there’s Susana Martinez, another Republican candidate Romney endorsed after she won her primary, in no small part due to Governor Palin’s endorsement. So yes, Romney’s tendency to endorse candidates after the fact is a pattern, and certainly not one indicative of the bold, decisive leadership his establishment enthusiasts want to confer upon him, but rather the behavior of a finger-to-the wind politician whose sole purpose is to avoid offending anyone. I’d like to think that we, as conservatives, deserve better than that.

Update III: (h/t BostonBruin) Mitt Romney also endorsed Raul Labrador for Congress in Idaho after his primary victory on May 25th.

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