This will be my last word on the issue of “refudiate.” The politically aware liberals are conceding that Palin is winning on this issue but smarter liberals are going a step further by ackowledging that Palin’s “suggestion that English is a living, evolving language is pretty salient. Words get created all the time, and once such a word is created, it sometimes enters common usage—and the AP stylebook—forever.”

Her “gaffe,” if you want to call it one, is fundamentally different than some of most prominent Obama gaffes. Obama’s most memorable gaffes are actually insults of people who are different from him. Take the comments that Obama has made about the Special Olympics, or rural Americans, or typical white grandmothers. These gaffes are fundamentally different than his other gaffes, such as the one where Obama refers to Europe as a country. The former are gaffes that offend and insult Americans that are different from him even though Obama didn’t intend any offense (I’ll even concede that he didn’t mean special Olympians).

Notice how Governor Palin rarely makes the Obama-style errors that I highlighted above. No sensible person is offended that she said “refudiate,” just as no sensible person is offended that Obama believes that 10,000 people were killed in a Kansas tornado. Unlike Obama’s insults of special Olympians, white people, and rural Americans, she’s not insulting any group of individuals when she says “refudiate.”

The only people who are insulted by the term “refudiate” are far-left zealots and community organizers. Since that’s the case, I hope she continues to make such “gaffes” as these are the types of people that deserve to be insulted.

Update: In any event, I really don’t know which category his “corpseman” gaffe falls into as it tells you a lot about the man’s cultural infertility that he would not instinctively know how to pronounce the word. Perhaps Obama believes service in a campaign is equivalent to military service?

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