Romney Campaign Staffers Attack Governor Palin (Update: Only 53% of McCain Voters Have a Favorable Opinion of Romney)

Mitt Romney, the plastic flip-flopping establishment Republican whose Ted Kennedy inspired government takeover of health care in Massachusetts served as the blueprint for Obamacare, is again attacking Governor Palin through his many paid campaign staffers. Via ReagantoPalin:

Courage seems in short supply in the Mitt Romney Presidential camp as staffers decide to take swipes at Sarah Palin. According to TIME MAGAZINE Romney staff had this to say about Governor Palin and the 2012 Presidential campaign:

One adviser to Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, and, by traditional standards, the putative 2012 frontrunner, says of Palin, “She’s not a serious human being.” Another Romney intimate warns, “If she’s standing up there in a debate and the answers are more than 15 seconds long, she’s in trouble.”

The article also quoted another unnamed Republican leader (who may or may not actually exist) as noted here in TIME’s words:

One of the most experienced Republican national political operatives in the country suggests that while Palin might be envied and sleek, she lacks the endurance required for a protracted nomination fight. “She’s like a cheetah. She can run really fast, but not really long.”

Once again the ROMNEY folks and the alleged experts have it wrong.

The American people are fed up with pompous political leaders and mainstream know-it-alls in the media who have bankrupted our country, placed the issues of the small minority over the will of the majority and have begun to make the United States of America a laughing stock around the world.

It’s obvious the ROMNEY folks realize they have a big problem with their flip-flopping candidate who enacted the disaster of a healthcare plan in Massachusetts. Let common sense prevail here. While Sarah Palin has, and would in 2012, lead the charge against ObamaCare Romney has been largely silent. He cannot fight on this issue because he agrees with ObamaCare. It’s his Massachusetts program forced down the throats of the entire nation.

Is Sarah Palin a conventional candidate? Thankfully, she is not. America needs a leader who can lead from the gut of her ‘American experience’. Palin fits the bill.

What Mitt Romney’s staff might consider is that their candidate is not in touch with average American people. And how do we know…because he hires staff that cowardly hides behind anonymous quotes attacking Sarah Palin. America needs Sarah Palin in 2012.

All of these attacks by Romney on Governor Palin are ludicrous and a sure sign of desperation from Team Mitt. She can run fast but not long? What’s that mean? Governor Palin has been tirelessly leading the fight against Obama for an entire year while Romney hides in the tall grass doing really important “insider stuff” like sending a front group, Evangelicals For Mitt, to purchase votes in a straw poll, writing a book nobody wants to read, or raising money from millionaire investment bankers at Goldmann Sachs. Unlike Governor Palin, Romney was nowhere to be seen when the going got rough for Nikki Haley but, in traditional Mitt style, he transparently emerged from the yacht club to shower her with money after victory was a foregone conclusion. What courage!

Make no mistake, these pathetic attacks on Governor Palin by Romney’s morons are not the work of loose cannons. Romney, his army of paid spokespersons, and his surrogates in the media (I would recommend against buying her latest book, by the way) want us to believe that the slippery politician is the most brilliant manager in the history of the world, perhaps the entire Milky Way. Would such a manager allow his people to do this without his knowledge? I think not.

The Republican field in 2008 was the most lackluster in memory and he was unable to distinguish himself or excite anyone. He couldn’t even beat Huckabee. Think about that. And let’s not forget that the people who got the closest look at Mitt Romney in the ’08 primary were in New Hampshire, the state closest to his home state of Massachusetts, and he came in third place in the Granite State’s primary. It seems that the more people get a good look at Romney, the less they like him. Unfortunately for Mitt, money can’t buy authenticity. The bottom line is that Romney is a classic finger-to-the-wind politician with no core values who will change his tune as often as he changes his audience. Examples, you ask?

On Gun Control:

On Abortion:

On Reagan, Abortion, Straw Polls, Gun Laws, Military Service, Hunting, etc:

On “Massachusetts” Values:

On Raising Taxes and Increasing Spending:

Exit Question: Do conservatives really want to follow this clown into battle in 2012? Seriously? Not me.

Update: Via Josh Painter:

RomneyCare, the Massachusetts health care plan that Mitt Romney signed into law, is a major problem for the Romney campaign, and they know it, the blogger says . RomneyCare and the widely unpopular ObamaCare have much in common — too much for an electorate fed up with grand statist schemes while the American economy risks being buried under a mountain of debt. Sarah Palin has been in the vanguard of the opposition to ObamaCare, but Romney, because of he has been a facilitator of government-mandated medicine, can’t speak up on the issue without appearing like a hypocrite. Any Romney criticism of ObamaCare only serves to reinforce the former Massachusetts governor’s image as a flip-flopper.

But this hasn’t stopped the Mittwits from attacking the campaigns of potential rivals for a Romney run at the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. Romney staffers have picked up where they left off in 2007, hitting their Republican opponents below the belt. Some even went so far as to astroturf the Thompson campaign with a despicable website titled Phoney Fred.

Expect more quotes, many of them given anonymously, from Romney’s team attacking Sarah Palin as 2012 draws nearer. Unfortunately, we can also expect more dirty tricks in the same vein as the Phoney Fred website to be employed by Mitt’s forces against Gov. Palin, only this time they will be more careful to conceal the connections of such loathsome ventures to Team Romney. The more desperate the Mittwits get, the more vicious will be their attacks.

Read JP’s entire piece here.

Update II: Romney is easily the least liked Republican among McCain voters. A bare majority of McCain voters have a favorable opinion of the guy who thought his son’s “service” in his campaign was equivalent to service in the military.

Update III:

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