Governor Palin’s Accomplishments

With the continued smearing and editorialization of Governor Palin and her record and the propagation of false claims that Governor Palin is a polarizing figure, perhaps it’s time to for us to re-visit Governor Palin’s accomplishments while she was Governor. She currently shows her policy prowess and acuity through her television appearances, speeches, and Facebook posts. However, even now, a year following her decision to step aside from the governor’s office and nearly two years after her presentation on the national scene, Governor Palin’s accomplishments are largely unknown to the general public and even to the politically observant. As supporters of Governor Palin, we have the opportunity to set the record straight. Below is a two sheet (or double sided) flyer that you can share with people to show all that Governor Palin accomplished in her two and a half years as Governor. This document includes (non-violence inciting) bullet points to outline her accomplishments. These achievements are categorized into the following groups: energy independence, development, and environmental stewardship; fiscal conservatism; walking the walk on fiscal responsibility; 10th amendment advocacy/promotion of the state constitution; national defense/veterans; transparency/anti-corruption; health care; and sanctity and dignity of all life.

Governor Palin’s Accomplishments

This document can emailed or printed off to share at Tea Parties, GOP events, with friends or family, etc. If you would like a more extensive look at Governor Palin’s gubernatorial achievements, please see her governor’s office archives. Inevitably, discussion of Governor Palin’s time as governor will often lead to people to question her resignation. For those who cannot grasp the idea that one can relinquish a title while still maintaining leadership, Nicole has already provided ways to counter such discussions. It also must be noted, that just as a point guard’s talent is not only measured by assists, points, and steals, but also in intangibles (Matto points for any Fighting Illini fans out there), so Governor Palin’s accomplishments are also not only measured by legislation, reforms, and prudent budgets, but my the intangibles of leadership. Governor Palin took on the Corrupt B*****s Club of Alaska and the Oil Companies. She stood strongly to protect and uphold the Alaska Constitution. She took on the Establishment GOP and won because she stood for principle over party. Those are the kinds of things that people look for in a leader that cannot be bullet pointed, but still speak volumes.

Governor Palin has stated that she has our back. Let us have her back and help dispel the lies and affirm the truth of her accomplishments.

Thank you to all who assisted in reviewing this document and offering suggestions.

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