The Polarization of Sarah Palin

We’ve all become quite used to the idea that when pollsters need some attention they throw out a poll about Governor Palin (even though she isn’t running for anything). As soon as the numbers come out, the entire media eats it up and uses it as proof of how polarizing Governor Palin is and as evidence why she is unelectable.

Simultaneously, every pundit becomes a Palin adviser on what she should do, how she should do it and when she should do it. Become a king maker and sell books, anything as long as you don’t run for president, hey look at your numbers you can’t win anyway. So the narrative goes; the media pushes it hoping that the people will buy it.

While the pollsters and the pundits like to push the narrative, one thing they’ll never ask is what’s behind the numbers? Why, when the majority of Americans agree with her on most major issues; why, when it comes to rating her, their responses don’t match that?

(e.g. on Abortion 52% agree with Palin; on Immigration 55% agree with her; on Smaller Government 63%; on Taxes 66%.)

To answer that question, we need to go behind the numbers, the details no pollster will tell you.

Joe Mainstream is a hard working man, working in construction, he wakes up every morning at 4:30am. By 6am he’s out of the house, only to return tired and washed out at 7:30pm. After a long day at work, Joe likes to stretch out on the couch and catch up on the news events of the day. He switches on the TV and the first thing that pops up is a shocking news report: “Governor Sarah Palin writes on her hand.” Joe has a 14 year old daughter who is soon to go to college, so something some ex-governor did or didn’t do after a speech is the least of his problems. Hoping to find something more important, maybe some good news about the economy, Joe switches channels only to see some footage of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs mocking Governor Palin’s writing on her hand. He switches to another channel and there he has Senate majority leader Harry Reid proclaiming that his hand isn’t big enough to write down his entire speech. At this point Joe is curious: what DID that former Governor from Alaska do that calls for wall to wall coverage? Joe learns that during a Q&A session after giving a speech Governor Palin was caught with “crib notes” on her hand. He listens to the pundits who try to explain how dumb she is and how ridicules this act was. Joe doesn’t really know what’s going on, and frankly he doesn’t care, but he shakes his head in agreement and quietly utters to himself “that is stupid.”

A few moments later his phone rings and it’s some pollster asking him if he’s interested in answering some questions. Joe, realizing that tonight’s news coverage isn’t going to give him any news he may want to hear, decides what the heck, might as well do this. So Joe answers: “Sure, go ahead.”

Pollster begins with various questions, some of which include:

Pollster: Do you believe Government should be more or less involved in people’s lives?
Joe: Less
Pollster: Do you favor repealing President Obama’s Health Care reform??
Joe: Yes
Pollster: Do you believe in a women’s right to abort her unborn child?
Joe: I’m pro life.

The pollster proceeds with various other questions. Then comes the big one:

Pollster: Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Sarah Palin?

Even though on most issues Joe is on the same page as Governor Palin, Joe doesn’t know it, because while the Governor had just delivered a knockout speech covering all major issues, no one in the media felt it necessary to cover it, and with all that Joe had just seen being reported about the speech it’s not surprising that Joe responds: Unfavorable.

False memes and narratives are being pushed against Governor Palin on a daily basis and when the truth comes out, no network has the courtesy to retract.

The wardrobe saga has been pushed around for close to two years now and even though this has been debunked on a number of occasions, the narrative is still out there, so much so that Rod Blagojevich’s attorney even used it in his closing argument defending his client.

What about the rumors that Governor Palin “cleaned the place out” at the Silver Spoon Oscar Gift Suite? The LSM went wild over it, but when the story was debunked by Melissa Lemer, co-owner of The Silver Spoon, we hardly heard much of it.

How many people in the country still believe that Governor Palin said she could see Russia from her house? Everyone in their right mind knows that it was Tina Fay who said it during a SNL skit, but the media still pushes it as if it came from the Governor.

When Governor Palin misspoke at CSU that President Reagan went to California’s Eureka College, Chris Matthews got all hyped up about it and used it as proof that Governor Palin doesn’t even know which college her hero Ronald Reagan attended. What Matthews failed to point out to his viewers is that only a few weeks prior during a speech in Illinois the Governor said that Reagan went to Eureka in Illinois. Furthermore after that speech which was filled with policy related topics mostly on education, did the media cover anything she said? Of course not. The entire coverage went to a stupid comment some biased reporter made about the speech. If this isn’t media bias, I don’t know what is.

And lest we forget the all important issue the media could just not get over: “Bendy Straws”. What’s it going to be next, Jelly Beans?

We can go on and on…

On Fox News Sunday, Governor Palin told Chris Wallace that had she believed everything she read or heard about herself in the media, she wouldn’t like herself either. Governor Palin is right. When people respond to pollsters’ questions related to her, it’s their opinion of a character the media made up and named it “Sarah Palin” that they are responding to, not their opinion of “Governor Sarah Palin,” someone they know so little about.

Prior to Governor Palin being selected as John McCain’s running mate, her approval numbers were in the high Eighties..let’s repeat that in the HIGH EIGHTIES in Alaska, one of the least religious states in the country and a state with fewer conservatives than Wisconsin. Keep in mind that she had this rating 18 months into her administration (the same amount of time President Obama is within his term at this point). Her high ratings weren’t a result of her being in her honeymoon period and were not the result of some major crisis (like President Bush after 9/11). Why were her numbers so high? Because then people were judging her on her policies, her accomplishments and her true character, and not on some misinformation presented to them by the media.

Most people don’t follow the news on a daily basis and don’t really do their own research on politicians, especially not the ones not running for anything. When people get the opportunity to learn about the “Real Sarah Palin,” the one who is on their side on most issues, the one you can learn about on this site, her numbers will mirror those she had as Governor of Alaska prior to the media deciding to take her out. That will happen once Governor Palin announces a presidential run.

So next time someone tells you that Sarah Palin is polarizing, remember it’s true “Sarah Palin” IS polarizing, “Governor Sarah Palin” or potential presidential candidate Sarah Palin, the one the American people will get to hear directly from, is not.

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