Christine O’Donnell Closing the Gap

A new poll being touted by the Tea Party Express indicates Christine is within 6 points of the “bearded Marxist”, Chris Coons:

Stunning news to report today, fellow patriots. A brand new poll has Christine O’Donnell surging to within 6% of her Democrat challenger, Chris Coons.

This late-in-the-campaign surge replicates her surge in the polls in the GOP primary, when everyone had written her off and said she could never win.

She proved the so-called “experts” wrong before and she seems poised to do so again!

It certainly appears momentum is on O’Donnell’s side. This explains why the Democrat Party is concentrating so heavily on the Delaware Senate race. Why would they send Obama and Biden to a state that is supposedly in the bag? The only logical answer is that it isn’t. O’Donnell’s momentum should continue with the big news that former two-term Delaware Governor Pete DuPont has officially endorsed her campaign. DuPont is probably more influential in Delaware than Mike Castle, and his endorsement should more than make up for sore loser Castle’s childish refusal to support O’Donnell’s campaign. In the meantime, O’Donnell has a new campaign ad out hitting Harry Reid’s pet for his rubber stamping of the unpopular Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda.

O’Donnell still has 8 days to close the gap. You can help her do so by going to her website and contributing to her campaign. As Governor Palin reminded us Saturday, this is no time to sit on the sidelines. It’s up to us, all of us, to dig deep and do everything we can.

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