Governor Palin in West Virginia

As we noted last night, Governor Palin will be in Charleston, West Virginia today to campaign for John Raese. Paul Steinhauser at CNN has the latest:

Charleston, West Virginia (CNN) – Sarah Palin’s making a last minute stop in West Virginia Saturday to try and help the GOP win back a Senate seat that’s been in the Democrats’ hands for over half a century.

The former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, along with her husband Todd, will team up at a rally at a riverfront park in Charleston with businessman John Raese, the GOP’s Senate nominee, according to an announcement from the Raese campaign late Friday night.


“We invited her because she and John Raese share the belief that Washington is in desperate need of new, independent voices and West Virginians of all political persuasions have great respect and admiration for Sarah Palin,” Raese campaign spokesman Kevin McLaughlin told CNN.

The Huntington News has more:

“Wow!” said Jack Ellis, Senior Political Analyst for HNN. “You’ve got a lot of Republican heavyweights coming into West Virginia for Raese. Whether it’s U.S. Senator John McCain earlier this week i(n) the Eastern Panhandle, Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent today in Charleston, or former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani coming into North Central West Virginia on Monday, you can’t say that the Republicans aren’t pulling out all the stops.”

“This is the mark of a close race, yet one that each of these conservative leaders believe can be won,” said Ellis. “Each of these celebrity politicos could be at any number of places Republicans this weekend, but they’ve decided to cast their lot with Raese and in a big way. These visits can only help Raese with the voters in the days leading up to Election Day on next Tuesday.”

Palin is said to be considering a run for President in 2012. This year, Palin’s ability to help conservative candidates get elected has been been exceptional, and Raese’s campaign obviously hope for the same.

“When you get Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin on one stage outside in Charleston, WV, that’s enough megawattage to give those who attend an event they’ll never forget,” said Ellis. “Raese is running a spirited race to the end, and people are again taking notice.

According to WOWK 13, the CBS affiliate in Charleston, the rally will begin at noon (EDT) with live music and speakers will begin around 1-1:30 PM. The local weather looks perfect today so if you’re in the area, be sure to head down to Haddad Riverfront Park and show your support. We’re searching for a live-feed but as yet have been unable to find one. If and when further information becomes available, we’ll update. Please let us know if you find a link or know if the rally will be broadcast anywhere.

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