Governor Palin: More Great Candidates to Support This November

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Here are some more great commonsense candidates whose races we need to support as we approach November 2nd.

Butch Otter for Governor of Idaho

As a proud Vandal grad who was born in Idaho and still has plenty of Idaho family roots, I’m honored to endorse Butch Otter for governor of the Gem State. Whether serving in Congress or the Governor’s office, Butch has been a voice for commonsense conservatism. He’s been a strong advocate for fiscal discipline and energy independence. As Governor of Alaska, it was a pleasure working with Butch as both our states bucked a growing federal government power grab in disregard of the Tenth Amendment. Butch has served Idaho with distinction as Governor, and Idaho can’t go wrong re-electing him this November. Please visit his website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Sean Bielat for Massachusetts’ 4th Congressional District

Remember what it was like in January 2010 when Massachusetts shocked the political world? It’s that time again. Sean Beilat is running against a Democrat incumbent who has been in government office for over 30 years. Sean is a businessman, Marine veteran, and young father, and he is running against an ethically-challenged liberal icon who opposed reform of Fannie & Freddie before the meltdown. That’s right, Sean Bielat is running against Barney Frank, and he needs your help to win. Please visit Sean’s website at and follow him on Twitter.

Stephen Fincher for Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District

Stephen Fincher is not a politician. He’s a farmer, business man, gospel singer, and a true patriot from Frog Jump (pop. 400) in West Tennessee. He’s a conservative committed to limited government, lower taxes, and job creation. Please visit Stephen’s website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Randy Hultgren for Illinois’ 14th Congressional District

Want to send a message about President Obama’s out-of-touch agenda? Let’s win some seats in his backyard. As an accomplished businessman and father of four, Randy Hultgren is committed to fighting for lower taxes and constitutional principles to get our country back on track. We can count on Randy to stand up for Illinois families and bring real accountability to Washington. Please visit Randy’s website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

November is just around the corner!

– Sarah Palin

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