John Raese ‘Honored’ To Receive Governor Palin’s Endorsement

Via Peter Hamby at CNN:

Sarah Palin endorsed West Virginia’s Republican Senate hopeful John Raese on Twitter this week – but she mistakenly identified him as a candidate in Pennsylvania. (The erroneous tweet was quickly replaced.)

Raese, battling Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin in a race most polls suggest is a toss-up, doesn’t seem to mind.

“I am just honored that Sarah Palin would endorse me,” he told CNN Friday. “I know my wife and 1,000 conservative women across West Virginia support her very much. I am just pleased to get that endorsement.


His answer, when asked if he’d support a Palin candidacy: “Absolutely. Absolutely. I think we have many fine candidates, but if she is our nominee, absolutely.”

More here.

(h/t Whitney)

Update: It’s kind of odd that Peter Hamby would bring up the typo Governor Palin made in her tweet earlier this week. It’s not like CNN made a significantly more egregious mistake in covering the West Virginia Senate race this week, right? Oh wait.

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