Mediaite Falsely Claims Governor Palin’s Orlando Speech Was a Tribute to George W. Bush

This is asinine. I knew the article was going to be laughably misleading the moment I saw the headline (that is unless Governor Palin delivered a second speech yesterday that I somehow missed).

Crowd Cheers As Sarah Palin Evokes George W. Bush’s Record At Campaign Rally

Huh? One gets the idea that Governor Palin’s speech yesterday was a tribute to the policies of George W. Bush. I did remember a very brief reference to Bush agreeing with Reagan on defense (he did, to his credit), but just to be sure I didn’t miss anything, I listened to it again. I was correct. The reference to Bush comes at about the 4:54 mark (listen closely because it only lasts a few seconds):

So let me get this straight. In her speech, Governor Palin advocates, correctly, for a return to the common sense national defense policies of Ronald Reagan. Policies which, I hasten to add, were largely responsible for U.S. victory in the cold war. In the midst of touting Reagan’s defense policies, Governor Palin mentions in passing that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush “and his good brother” agreed with Reagan on the necessity of maintaining a strong national defense. And this, according to the author, Frances Martel, indicates Governor Palin’s speech was based on “evoking” George W. Bush’s record? Heh! To say this is quite a stretch is, to put it mildly, the understatement of the year.

But Martel isn’t finished digging, not by a long shot. Toward the end of her speech analysis (or is it “his” analysis, who knows?), Martel stretches the bounds of credulity even further by subtly implying that Governor Palin actually endorsed the profligate spending which occurred during the Bush years. Martel expresses surprise that Governor Palin would go there because:

…the garden-variety Tea Partier on the right has accepted that a major contributing factor to the current economic crisis was the overspending during the Bush years.

I too would be surprised, indeed shocked, if Governor Palin ever endorsed the overspending that occurred from 2001-2006 when Republicans were in charge. But, unfortunately for Martel’s narrative, she didn’t.

The only logical explanation I can come up with for this twilight zone synopsis of the Governor’s speech is that this Martel managed to score some pretty powerful hallucinogens. My advice: put the bong down, get some air, have some pizza, take a power nap, then listen to the speech again.

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