‘Nobody Tell Barack Obama What Number Comes After a Trillion’

By now we’ve all seen the fantastic speech Governor Palin delivered in Anaheim Saturday. Andrew Malcolm has a piece in today’s LA Times in which he offers his opinion of the speech:

Sarah Palin, that reputed Republican rebel who’s supposed to be at odds with the national party, swung through California this past weekend to rouse Republicans at a Republican National Committee rally in Anaheim.


Palin seemed to be enjoying herself too in Anaheim, as part of a national RNC campaign tour that wraps up next Saturday at 3 p.m. at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, including an unusual chance to meet Palin for a photo.

The crowd packed into the Anaheim ballroom began chanting Sarah’s name Saturday while the band was still playing “Journey” songs.


As Steele moved toward introducing the day’s special you-know-who guest from Alaska, the roar of the crowd grew along with the cellphone camera flashes.

Palin said, please, nobody should tell the Democratic president what number comes after a trillion. (It’s quadrillion.) Obama will bring Air Force One back to California later this month to help incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer against Republican Carly Fiorina — and drop into Nevada again to do the same for embattled Harry Reid vs the GOP’s Sharron Angle.

The top two other Palin quotes, the first one spoken from her own losing experience in 2008:

“There’s nothing wrong with America that a good old-fashioned election can’t fix.”

and, speaking of Obama’s oft-promised change for the country:

“Our America, we do not seek its fundamental transformation. We seek its restoration, all that is good and strong and free in America.”

More here. I was not around much this past weekend but was lucky enough to catch her speech live on CNN Saturday evening before CNN thoughtfully cut the speech off five minutes before the end. Would they do that if the polarizing Obama was speaking? I think not. Regardless, in my opinion her speech Saturday night was one of her best yet, perhaps the best I’ve seen since the RNC speech. And given the number of great speeches she has delivered since then, I don’t say that lightly. The energy, enthusiasm, and charisma she exuded combined with a flawless delivery and spot-on message resulted in about 22 minutes flying by in what seemed closer to two minutes. I didn’t want it to end.

In terms of pure energy this speech may have even eclipsed the RNC speech. Sarah Palin is truly a force of nature. After CNN cut the speech off I watched the rest on Palin TV. After that I went back to CNN to see if they would offer any commentary. I was struck by the sullen looks on the faces of their two reporters. The anchor in the studio (I can’t recall his name) was visibly depressed as was the female reporter (I believe her last name was Yellin) who was in Anaheim. Sticking to the LSM talking points, Yellin mumbled something irrelevant about Fiorina and Whitman not being there, causing me to laugh out loud. My guess is that CNN wished they had not covered the speech at all. For however many minutes they did air it, viewers (admittedly CNN doesn’t have many) were treated to the most electrifying orator in America today, at the top of her game, effectively mocking and exposing their Messiah for the empty suit failure he is. And there was nary a teleprompter in sight. I guess in hindsight I can see why CNN pulled the plug.

It also occurred to me that the CNN reporters weren’t the only ones depressed. Imagine if you’re one of the GOP pretenders who may run for the GOP nomination in 2012. Can anyone imagine Romney, Pawlenty, or…um…Mitch Daniels giving that speech? Or Thune? Or the Huckster? Or whomever the next soggy cucumber and mayonnaise sandwich, Cocktail Party candidate du jour is? Good luck with that, GOP establishment. If she runs, she will bury them and it won’t be a fair fight. I also wonder what was going on in the White House Saturday evening. I bet they weren’t particularly happy with CNN either. Team Obama keeps telling the media that they want to run against Governor Palin. Yeah, right. Anything you say, guys. I’m reminded of what Mark McKinnon said about Governor Palin:

“What she knows, you can’t teach,…and what she doesn’t know, she can learn — and she’s learning fast.”

Indeed she is, and in two years the political establishment in Washington won’t know what hit them.

Related: We’ll put up a thread about 12:40 PM (EDT) in which you’ll be able to view Governor Palin’s speech in Reno, scheduled to begin at 1:00 PM.

(h/t Josh Painter)

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