Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama in 2012? Count On It

I can’t say I agree with everything John Romano wrote, but this is an interesting piece at

The media has been doing the same with Sarah Palin for over two years now. Personally, I’ve been mostly ambivalent in regard to Ms. Palin. I don’t like that she has taken a gig at FOX News. I think no serious candidate for President should work in media. I’ve also thought at times (granted based on media reports) that she is too divisive. That may not matter in 2012, what is more divisive than President Obama calling the GOP “snake oil” salesman as he recently did on the campaign trail? However, my opinion of Ms. Palin’s prospects for the GOP nomination changed greatly after seeing a video of a recent speech she gave in Orange County, California.

After seeing the twenty-minute clip of her, I have no doubt that she is running for President in 2012. Democrats will rejoice with glee if my prediction is true. They would be laughing at their own potential electoral doom.

While the left and media establishment will lambaste her and SNL will do skits ad nauseum with Tina Fey saying “You betcha’” over and over again, Ms. Palin will slowly be winning voters across the board. Saying incorrectly that Ms. Palin opined that she could “see Russia” from her back porch probably won’t work twice.

What got me about the Orange County video was how relaxed and composed Ms. Palin was. I see no chance of a Katie Couric meltdown this time. The American people are anti-establishment government right now. Ms. Palin plays into that narrative perfectly. The more the media will call her an extreme, uninformed outsider, the more she will win over the American public by remaining calm.

One must think of the sheer vitriol that Ms. Palin has been greeted with by the press and Democrat party over the last two years. She threatens them. If she is wise, she will use the “fear of Palin” the way Democrats used the “fear of Obama” in 2008. The more Obama remained calm in light of the Reverend Wright tapes, Bill Ayers connection, and other scandals the more he won over the country. Like Obama, Palin is stone cold junkyard political dog. The more they poke her, the stronger she gets. And that’s character.


For the GOP higher-ups Sarah Palin will be like going to high school with an unwilling Mohawk. It’s a long year and you better get used to it. And get used to it they will, for 2012 is the year of the Palin.

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