Sarah Palin’s Fault

Not wanting to be outdone by Politico, the New York Daily News released their own hit piece today which includes quotes from well known GOP operatives such as ” a household name and a big time player in Republican circles”, “other party elders”, “a well-wired Republican political consultant”, and “another GOP consultant”. Some of these Republican strategists have awfully long names, don’t they?

These anonymous sources claim that if Republicans don’t win the Senate, it’s Governor Palin’s fault because she’s endorsed Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, and Carly Fiorina. Christine O’Donnell must be closing the gap in the polls against Chris Coons even without much help from the GOP Establishment and the NRSC as President Obama and Vice President Biden will be campaigning in Delaware. This seems to indicate that the race is tighter than public polling may indicate. After annihilating Senator Reid in a recent debate, Sharron Angle has a lead in the Nevada Senate race. In the California race, Carly Fiorina is statistically tied with Ma’am Boxer. These women are still poised to potentially win their races.

Specifically, the NYDN piece asserts that Governor Palin’s endorsement must be toxic, especially in California:

Palin is extremely unpopular among indie voters, especially in California. A recent Field Poll found that 69% of California independent voters have an unfavorable opinion of Palin. And independents are nearly a quarter of the California electorate.

Even worse for GOP senatorial and gubernatorial prospects in the Golden State, two-thirds of independents say they’re less inclined to vote for a candidate Palin has endorsed.

This must come as a shock to Carly Fiorina supporters. Fiorina has been endorsed by Governor Palin and sees herself as a “practical commonsense conservative like Sarah Palin” (see the 4:00 mark):

Carly Fiorina has embraced Governor Palin’s endorsement and has run as a true commonsense conservative. She finds herself neck-and-neck with Boxer with less than two weeks to go before the election. On the other hand, gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman, has eschewed any association with Governor Palin, and find herself trailing an unpopular former Governor, Jerry Brown. If the polling numbers that the NYDN touts ring true, then California voters wouldn’t be supportive of Fiorina, but would be supportive of Whitman. However, midterm election polling of these candidates seem to indicate that Fiorina, who has embraced Palin’s endorsement, is fairing better than Whitman who has tried to distance herself from Governor Palin.

Governor Palin has encouraged partying like it’s 1773 after election day in a few weeks, but it seems the media and some of the faceless, spineless members of the GOP want to prematurely point fingers like it’s 2008. In fact, anonymous sources say that these unnamed GOP operatives are in contact with geologists and seismologists in Alaska. Remember, in 1964, just a few months after the Heath family moved to Alaska, a 9.2 magnitude earthquake hit Alaska. Now, obviously, this earthquake had to be due to then Sarah Heath’s arrival to the state, right? Because Governor Palin is culpable for any potential political earthquakes or natural earthquakes, these GOP operatives are petitioning scientists to rename the space between tectonic plates causing that massive earthquake 46 years ago, “Sarah Palin’s Fault”. You heard it here first.

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