Sharron Angle Thanks Joy Behar for the Campaign Boost; Updated

Whether it is comparing California liberals to “permanent residents of a unicorn ranch in fantasyland” or using singing puppets to mock the Obama administration’s inability to read a short illegal immigration bill, conservative women, like Governor Palin and Governor Brewer, certainly know how to use humor effectively. Sharron Angle has shown she has a knack for this as well. Earlier this week, “Joyless” Behar said Angle is “a b**** who is going to hell”. As far as I know, Angle has no intentions of going on the View, so Behar’s wishes for Angle will be unfulfilled. In fact, this outburst actually boosted Angle’s campaign funds. Angle’s campaign responded wittily to this tirade by Behar:

No one can accuse Team Angle of not having a healthy sense of humor.

In response to Joy Behar’s vicious remarks on The View, the Angle campaign sent a lovely flower arrangement with a note enclosed.

“Joy, Raised $150,000 online yesterday. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Sharron Angle”

Sharron Angle shared a picture of the flowers via Twitter:

Governor Palin recently spoke at a Tea Party Express rally in Reno, Nevada, showing support for Angle’s campaign. Angle currently has a four point lead over Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.

Update: Michelle Malkin reports that Behar doubled down on her insult and claimed that illegal immigrants probably picked the flowers. Joy, certainly is a unfitting name for her, huh?

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