Supporting Palin Endorsed Candidates in the Home Stretch!

We are now just a week from the 2010 midterm election. As we are all aware, there is a lot at stake. Republicans have the opportunity to take back the House and the Senate just a week from today. The boys of the GOP have put in place their ways to make a mark on these elections. One of the boys has turned the 2010 elections into a political form of American Idol. One of these boys has turned copycat initiatives (and often times, copycat endorsements) and big money donors. One of these boys has created a major funding mechanism to raise loads of cash for candidates.This shows the distinct difference between Governor Palin and the boys. Governor Palin has the backing of the grassroots both through financial support and through action. She does not go about things in the same way that a typical politician does by using gimmicks.

Governor Palin has endorsed 11 Senatorial candidates, 8 gubernatorial candidates, 53 Congressional candidates, 3 Attorney General candidates, 1 Secretary of State candidate, and 1 State Assembly candidate. In the homestretch of this election, we have the opportunity to support candidates by sending money, making calls, going door-to-door, poll watching, waving signs, and supporting candidates online through blog posts and the like. To volunteer in these or other capacities, please visit Organize4Palin. As a reminder, here is why Organize4Palin was launched:

Organize 4 Palin (O4P) is a site many Governor Sarah Palin supporters have been waiting for…a chance to put all of our gifts, talents, and plain old elbow grease to work behind the ideals and leadership of Governor Palin. A sister site to Conservatives 4 Palin and PalinTV, O4P is a grassroots effort and not affiliated with SarahPAC.

With that said, let’s show America what Governor Palin supporters are made of. We are not fans. We are not puppets. We are not easily deterred by the mud slinging left and insider GOP good old boys (and girls). Bottom line? We love our country and have no doubt that Governor Palin is forging the path of common sense leadership we feel confident in following.

What’s to come? Pages for every endorsed candidate, with specific calls to action as needed. Personal accounts for you to share what you are doing to help. A media gallery to share pictures and video of your work. And forums for you to connect and network with other Governor Palin supporters.

Why was this site necessary? We realize there are many positive Governor Palin sites that do wonderful things to promote the Governor and defend her good name. Many in the Palin blogosphere know each other and have worked hard since 2008 to set the record straight. We’ve blogged, commented, created media, donated, and educated friends, family, and co-workers. This will be a place for Governor Palin supporters to shine even more. We’re ready to give it our all in support of Governor Palin’s endorsed candidates. When they win, Governor Palin wins. We can see November from everywhere.

Those candidate specific pages have been up and running for weeks. By supporting the candidates that Governor Palin has endorsed, we have the opportunity to see a conservative fill the Senate seats once held by Joe Biden and Robert Byrd. We have the chance to see two women who disrespected military service be called “ma’am” again. We may get see Barney Frank and Harry Reid defeated. If the two candidates Governor Palin endorsed in Illlinois win, Republicans become poised to have more seats in Congress than Democrats representing Illinois. We have the chance to see the first woman elected to the governorship in South Carolina. We have the chance to help see a lumberjacking lawyer from Wisconsin and a rocket scientist from Arizona represent their districts in Congress. We have the opportunity to see a woman who named her kids after Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill be re-elected to the Secretary of State’s office in Alabama. These are just a sampling of the candidates endorsed by Governor Palin.The greater importance is that commonsense Constitutional conservatives are poised to take office. To see all endorsed candidates and how you can support them, see here.

November 2nd is just around the corner, and we soon have the chance to party like it’s 1773. Let’s do all that we can to support these candidates, whether it is financial support, volunteer support, or prayer.

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