Todd Palin Responds to the Miller E-mail “Nontroversy”

As Ian posted yesterday, emails from Todd Palin to Joe Miller’s campaign have been leaked, leading to what amounts to yet another “nontroversy”. The Palin family, as Todd Palin spoke about earlier this week, is still very supportive of Joe Miller’s campaign. Mr. Palin has responded:

Yesterday, the anti-Palin blog Mudflats leaked an email that Todd Palin had sent to several people, in which he complained about something Alaska Republican senatorial candidate Joe Miller had (not) said about Sarah Palin’s qualifications for the presidency. Predictably, a media frenzy ensued.

Here’s Mr. Palin’s response, in a statement released to THE WEEKLY STANDARD:

My family has worked hard in supporting Joe Miller, so when I heard he’d said something less than supportive of my wife’s efforts, I responded. But it turns out we’d gotten our wires crossed and Joe hadn’t said anything like what I’d been told. So there’s no story here except the fact that the press put our personal emails online again, and again couldn’t even be bothered to conceal our email addresses or take any steps to protect our privacy.

We don’t know who leaked the email. In 2008, by way of background, Sarah Palin’s personal email account was hacked by the son of a Democratic lawmaker in Tennessee. The hacker was found guilty on two counts of obstruction of justice and unauthorized access to a computer last spring. He awaits sentencing.

UPDATE: Governor Palin has also tweeted the link to Mr.Palin’s response with the following message:

There’s no “there, there” but the lamestream media will keep on tryin’. See:

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