Amy Siskind: The Republican Party’s Historic Opportunity With Women

In a piece today at the Daily Caller, Amy Siskind examines the opportunity the Republican Party has to change the dynamics of the women’s vote, which has heretofore provided the Democrat Party with the majority of their electoral support:

In the 2010 election, women made history. Since the advent of exit polling data in 1982, women voters have consistently favored Democrats. Not this time. For the first time, women voters preferred the GOP. A rather shocking occurrence given just two short years ago, President Obama had a 14 point advantage with women.

Here’s what is at stake: women voters have decided almost every presidential elections since 1960. The Republican Party has a historic opportunity to win over this block, all but ensuring a presidential victory in 2012. But, will the GOP be able to capitalize and transform itself into an inclusive ‘women-friendly’ party? Or, will they blow it by embracing a caricature of themselves: a bunch of white guys fighting it out for power?


The Republican Party, perhaps unwittingly, has become decidedly more pro-women in 2010. Sarah Palin can take credit for much progress here. Not only has Palin endorsed and elevated women in the GOP, she also continually speaks out and defends them from sexism. Conservative women (and some men) in the media like Michelle Malkin, Dana Perino and Ann Coulter have also been voracious in their defense of women in their party.

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