C4P Meet-up This Weekend!

The second C4P Meet-up is just a few short days away! We know all attendees are very excited to discuss what we ordinary barbarians (aka unruly peasants) can do to support Governor Palin and the conservative movement, and we’re sure that all are also anticipating putting real live faces with avatars and comments! It will also be very exciting for those who attended the first meet-up in July to reunite with others who did the same. We are beyond thrilled that Tammy Bruce, Jedediah Bila, S.E. Cupp, Dr. Gina Loudon, and Karen Allen are coming to meet with us and speak to us. These “mama grizzlies” will be speaking on topics ranging from grassroots involvement to the role of women in the recent conservative re-birth. We also are excited to show the recently released documentary: “Fire from the Heartland”:

We anticipate that the event will be wonderful, productive, and encouraging for all involved! You can view the Meet-up brochure agenda below to see the exciting schedule of events:
C4P Chicago Meet-up Agenda
In a previous post about the meet-up, we mentioned that there would be a silent auction to benefit charity as part of the event. We wanted to let attendees know that credit cards will not be accepted for the silent auction, so please bring your checkbook or cash if you would like to participate. Proceeds will go to the charity of the bidder’s choice: the National Association for Down Syndrome, a Chicago based organization that SarahPAC has donated to, or the Special Operation Warrior Foundation, an organization that raises funds to enable the children of fallen soldiers to go to college. Proceeds from the August Restoring Honor Rally went to this organization. Also, some commenters asked in the previous post if they would able to participate in the silent auction. While we do appreciate people’s generosity and interest, it will not be feasible to allow those not attendance to participate in the silent auction.

We look forward to meeting all of those who will be in attendance!

-The C4P Meet-up “community organizers”: Beehive, Chicago’s Conservative, Mia, Riley4Palin and Whitney

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