Governor Palin Calls Out the TSA for Extreme Political Correctness

Governor Palin has weighed in on the TSA lunacy via Twitter:

Law enforcemnt profiles individuals/suspects when seeking info 2 prevent or deal w/other crimes;Why can’t this be done @ airports 2 prevent?

TSA: why politically incorrect 2 “profile” anyone re: natl security issues?we profile individuals/suspects in other situations! profile away

This whole “enhanced pat down” episode is, as Governor Palin correctly implies, an example of political correctness run amuck. Because this administration refuses to use simple common sense and profile terrorists like everyone else in the world, we’re reduced to frisking nuns and screaming 3-year old children so we can’t be accused of profiling (the horror!). And the coup de grace? Big Sis is considering giving a “pat down exemption” to Moslem women out of fear of offending them. When I first heard about that, I was sure it was a joke. I was wrong, although I’m sure the terrorists are having a good laugh.

That this is even being considered is absurd. Count me among those who don’t believe this administration has a clue as to how to protect the country which, I thought, was the primary responsibility of the federal government (as opposed to putting ourselves in unnecessary danger so that our enemies will think we’re tolerant or something). I guess I was wrong on that count too. Would it be impolitic of me if I went out on a limb and predicted that if and when the next terrorist attack occurs, the perpetrator will much more closely resemble Mohammad Atta than Sally Field? Just asking.

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