Governor Palin Endorsees Lead the House Transition to Majority

With the GOP gains in the House last week, Republicans are transitioning into their House majority with a team of representatives facilitating this change. Four of Governor Palin’s endorsees have been selected to be a part of this team:

House Republicans have tapped two newly elected congressmen who drew tea party backing in their campaigns to help lead the party’s transition to power.

Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Tim Scott of South Carolina, who won endorsements by Sarah Palin and support from tea party activists, are part of a newly named 22-member team charged with crafting new rules and smoothing the GOP’s shift from minority to majority.

Two other freshmen, Cory Gardner of Colorado and Martha Roby of Alabama, are also on the roster.

Walden said he didn’t choose the team based on whether they had tea party backing, telling reporters last week that he wasn’t sure whether those he was recruiting were supported by the conservative-libertarian movement. “It’s a nice cross-section of our Republican conference,” he said of the group.

But it’s clear Republicans are aware that the grass-roots movement that helped propel them to big wins in last week’s elections will be an important part of their new House majority and bolstered Senate minority.

Congressman Walden of Oregon is acting as the leader of this team to help the GOP transition to power.While this may be a “cross-section” of Republicans, it cannot be overlooked that the four freshman House members tapped to assist in this transition were all endorsed by Governor Palin, as Gardner and Roby were also endorsed by Governor Palin. Couple this with the fact that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is throwing her hat in the ring for GOP conference chair, it is obvious that Governor Palin chose to endorse not only strong candidates, but strong leaders. Governor Palin’s endorsements made a huge impact on conservative gains in the House last week. Certain members of that House, such as Congressman Bauchus, would do well to take notice of his new colleagues, rather than wrongfully blame her for a Senatorial minority.

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