Governor Palin MVP of 2010 Mid-Term Election

So says John Hawkins of Right Wing News, who polled right of center bloggers following last weeks electoral earthquake:

Right Wing News polled more than 250 right-of-center bloggers on election 2010 and the aftermath. 70 bloggers responded (This one time, the respondents ARE NOT going to be listed. Expect them to be listed as per usual, on the next poll).

What follows are the results. Do keep in mind that because some people skipped particular questions, there will not be 70 responses to every question.

1) Out of the following people and groups, which do you think was the most valuable player in the election cycle?

Jim DeMint: 10.6% (7 votes)
The NRCC: 16.7% (11 votes)
The NRSC: 0.0% (0 votes)
Sarah Palin: 62.1% (41 votes)
The RGA: 9.1% (6 votes)
The RNC: 1.5% (1 vote)

2) Out of the following people and groups, which do you think did the most disappointing job during the election cycle?

Jim DeMint: 0.0% (0 votes)
The NRCC: 4.5% (3 votes)
The NRSC: 55.2% (37 votes)
Sarah Palin: 6% (4 votes)
The RNC: 34.3% (23 votes)
The RGA: 0.0% (0 votes)

3) How would you rate the impact of the Tea Party during the election cycle?

A) Extremely helpful: 53.7% (36 votes)
B) Generally positive: 46.3% (31 votes)
C) Not sure: 0.0% (0 votes)
D) Generally negative: 0.0% (0 votes)
E) Extremely Harmful: 0.0% (0 votes)

4) Do you think the Tea Party and/or Sarah Palin and/or Jim DeMint cost the GOP the Senate?

Yes: 5.9% (4 votes)
No: 94.1% (64 votes)

Read the rest of John’s post here.

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