Governor Palin Signs “America by Heart” in Houston and New Orleans

It was another busy day for Governor Palin as she swung through Texas and Louisiana, stopping first in Houston.


Eager fans lined up early for a chance to meet Sarah Palin at a Borders bookstore in Houston.

The signing was scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. Monday at the store, located at Kirby and W. Alabama, but die-hard fans were lined up as early as 5 p.m. Sunday…

Even those fans who spent the night outside the store said getting the chance to meet Palin was well worth the wait.

“She’s not only gorgeous, she’s awesome. She’s smart, she’s articulate … I mean, she’s that idol that every woman wishes they could be,” Palin fan Elizabeth Lyman said.


The line started forming outside the Borders on Kirby Drive near West Alabama Street on Sunday afternoon. More than 70 people were in line before 7 a.m., and the line quickly wrapped around the building.

“My husband asked me, ‘Are you crazy?’ I go no, this is part of history,” said Delora McEnaney, who spent the night outside the store.

Palin was set to sign her latest book, “America By Heart,” at the store from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

“I’m passionate about my country and I’m passionate about my family,” McEnaney said. “I came out to thank her for taking the House back for us.”

The store said 500 wristbands would be handed out. People who want a book signed must have purchased their copy at a Borders store. People must show a receipt to prove that the book was bought at Borders.

“She’s a wonderful woman,” Elizabeth Lyman said. “She’s got that spunk.”

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Next stop, Louisiana. Governor Palin signed books in Metairie, a suburb of New Orleans.

Hundreds meet Sarah Palin at book signing in Metairie:

Nancy Adams and her daughter Jolie Taubin of Covington had waited all day Monday to be one of the first people to meet Sarah Palin and shake her hand at a book signing in Metairie. They said the wait was worth it.

“It was an experience you won’t forget,” Adams told her 9-year-old daughter after they met Palin….

When Palin stepped behind the book-signing table, the excited crowd cheered and broke out in scattered chants of “Run, Sarah, run,” encouraging Palin to run for president in 2012.


“Six children,” the mother of five and former vice presidential candidate exclaimed to one woman. “You have me beat.”

Attendees said they were surprised at how friendly Palin was. “She’s very personable, very charming,” said Gwen Mitchell of Destrehan.

“I didn’t expect the personal touch,” said Carole Fernandez of Westwego, who was at the signing with her sister Brenda Fernandez and two of her sister’s grandsons.

Palin asked both boys, Austen and Ashten Taylor, for their names, ages and where they go to school. The boys, 12 and 9, respectively, are home-schooled, their grandmother told Palin.

“You may have shaken hands with the future president,” Brenda Fernandez told the boys after they stepped from the table. “This is something they’ll never forget.”


Some of the people at the book signing used their short time in front of Palin to try and persuade her to run for president in 2012.

“Who better to take care of the soldiers than the mother of a soldier?” asked John B. Wells of Slidell, retired from the Navy after 22 years. Wells had gotten in line early Monday to get a wristband and decided to camp out at the store all day to get an early audience with Palin.

He said he told Palin that if she is elected president to take care of the military and the veterans. He said she told him, “‘Definitely. That’s my first priority.'”

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“I love Sarah Palin. I’m so excited about what she’s doing in our country,” said Betty Purcell.

“We think she’s going to be the next president of the United States,” said Daniel Hurd.

The line was long. Their wait was too.

“We both got here yesterday evening,” said Daniel Hurd. Daniel and Rachel Hurd were first in line. “We didn’t want to get here and have the line wrapped around the building three times,” said Rachel Hurd…

“Just amazing,” said Cacioppo. “Held onto your hand the whole time she was talking to you, addressed you by your name just so personable this is why people love her she’s down to earth, she’s like every woman. She’s like my group of friends I hang out with every month. She can go to lunch with me and fit right in.”

There was a two-book limit per person. The book signing went well into Monday night.

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