Jim VandeHei: Establishment Republican Weenies Afraid of Governor Palin; Updated

Jim VandeHei, who along with Mike Allen co-authored the latest hit piece in the Democrat blog, Politico, offers a hilarious explanation as to why these so-called journalists couldn’t come up with one named source for their tripe. Via Ben Smith:

With Sarah Palin denouncing my colleagues for veiling the Republicans who want to stop her in anonymity, POLITICO executive editor Jim VandeHei responds:

We have promised since the earliest days of POLITICO to pull back the curtain on how Washington really works and to let readers inside the conversations taking place among the people in power. Sometimes that requires extensive use of anonymous sources.

This is what GOP insiders in this city are talking about and their concerns are widely known, if not publicly discussed. None of these Republicans would speak on the record for obvious reasons: they fear the backlash from Palin and her very passionate supporters around the country.

So, if I understand correctly, these Republican 2012 wannabees and their incompetent flacks so fear little ole private citizen Sarah Palin that they won’t go on the record when they trash her? And these guys want to be President? That begs the obvious question: if they are this afraid of Governor Palin, how can we expect them to have the, er, cojones, to stand up to America’s enemies in the world? Just asking…

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Update: (h/t VO) Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post has also noticed how deathly afraid of Governor Palin these spineless Republican insiders are:

(It’s a testament to Palin’s power that no one — literally NO ONE — the Fix chatted with about her future prospects would do so on the record. And, yes, we know that by citing anonymous sources, we are playing into the very “lamestream media” tactics that Palin decries.)

Hmmmm. For a supposedly irrelevant ex-Governor, the beltway Republicans (who are almost as responsible for the mess we’re in as the Democrats) sure are afraid of her. They should be.

Update II: (h/t RefudiateObama2012) Erick Erickson at Redstate has weighed in:

Here are the facts: there is a significant, though small contingent of heavily anti-Palin forces at the upper echelons of the Establishment GOP in Washington.

A good number of them are actually Hill staffers already beginning to pick a side with 2012 campaigns and using press contacts to savage Palin. There is also a goodly portion of people within existing campaign infrastructures. Largely these hits are done at the staff level and sometimes without knowledge of the candidates themselves so they won’t have to dirty their hands.


In reality, these people loath Sarah Palin because she is standing up to them, the policies these people have long advocated and Palin opposes have contributed to the mess we are in, and Sarah Palin and the candidates she is backing have largely been kicking their a*ses to kingdom come.

Read the whole thing. Erickson has a lot of good information in his post.

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