John Nolte: Governor Palin is Correct to Chart Her Own Media Course

An excellent article by John Nolte in today’s Big Hollywood. In his piece, Nolte takes pundits like George Will and Karl “Tokyo” Rove to task for claiming Governor Palin should be following a more traditional media approach or something:

Right now we live in an America governed by a President who entered office with a less than distinguished record as a state senator and only a two year record as a United States senator where he accomplished little more than to run for president. And yet it’s Sarah Palin, a two-term mayor, former governor and chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission who’s had the narrative built up and fortified around her that she doesn’t have the experience to be the president of the United States. And who built that narrative? The media.

How exactly is someone supposed to rehabilitate their political image through the same media that willfully and dishonestly destroyed it? The fact that the media is more hostile towards Palin than anyone in our lifetime is not even in dispute anymore — meaning, the traditional avenues available to most politicos for a rehabilitation tour aren’t available to her. After a near-fatal bimbo eruption nearly cost him the Democratic nomination in 1992, Bill Clinton could turn to “60 Minutes” for a second chance. Barack Obama will forever be able to go most anywhere he pleases to get his message out. Earlier this month, even George W. Bush could count on respectful treatment from the likes of Matt Lauer and Oprah Winfrey. Palin, however, is boxed in by what she knows is an entertainment and MSM establishment gunning for her, who see every opportunity to embarrass her as another set of cocktail party bragging rights.

If you remember the corrupt political coverage of 2008, rather than talk about the record of a self-made governor with a compelling personal story who worked her way up the political ladder by fighting corruption in her own party, I can’t count the number of times the likes of CNN used valuable broadcast time to run that previous Saturday night’s clip of Tina Fey mercilessly mocking the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. Rather than doing their job and, for good or bad, allowing Palin’s own personal story and record to define her, the media instead chose to allow a mean-spirited comedian to do that on their behalf. And don’t think for a second this wasn’t intentional.

So the question I would ask Rove and Will is exactly what is it they would suggest Palin do to present who she really is to as much of the American public as possible given the reality that any attempt to once again chance the MSM gauntlet would most certainly be a suicide run.

Since 2008, this indomitable mother of five has written no less than two books and a number of thoughtful columns on Facebook. She’s also a star political analyst on the powerhouse that is Fox News and has traveled extensively around the country on her book tour and during the 2010 election; meeting voters, giving speeches, and helping to galvanize the landmark political phenom that is the Tea Party. These are not only fairly traditional methods of shoring up your presidential contender bonafides, they’re also impressive accomplishments.

Read the rest of Nolte’s piece here. It’s hard to argue with Nolte’s point. Governor Palin has become a media powerhouse by following her own unique path. Every other potential 2012 candidate would kill to have the media presence she does. While she is reshaping the entire media landscape, they are stuck pursuing old strategies through increasingly irrelevant media outlets. Why, again, should she rely on an old, dying media intent on stopping her rather than continue on the successful trail she’s blazing? Why look backward rather than forward?

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