Sarah Palin, the Biggest Loser?

You should know by now that everything is Sarah Palin’s fault. Everything. You stub your toe this morning? Palin!

Anyone else notice that the GOP elite spent the days following the midterm elections bashing Sarah Palin? No matter that the Tea Party movement along with thousands of folks inspired by Governor Palin’s message and her willingness to challenge the status quo had just delivered record results for the Republican Party (which, some would argue, did not deserve it). Ignore all that. Let’s blame Palin for the seats we didn’t win. (Pardon me while I mutter under my breath words that should not be printed on this page.)

I think it’s pretty clear by now who the GOP elite see as their true enemy, and it’s not the radical Left. That speaks volumes.

Stuart Schwartz has penned an excellent piece for the American Thinker:

Sarah Palin, the biggest loser. That seems to be the consensus of the grandees inhabiting Washington and New York and pockets of glitter beyond…

Sarah Palin has once again been flagged for her unwillingness to play the game according to how the media and political professionals want it played. For them, it is a game, with taxpayer dollars as Monopoly money. But for Sarah Palin, it’s about beliefs and values and service — which disqualifies her, in their view, from life between the political lines. Sure, she won — having helped more than sixty candidates to victory — but, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out, the political and media elites are “a little miffed” at how the Tea Party and Palin put principle ahead of politics. C’mon, lady — professionals don’t do core beliefs!

It was her principles that represented the biggest negative for Karl Rove, whom Lee Cary of American Thinker characterized as the “lead consigliere for the Republican bluebloods.” Rove attacked Palin as unfit for political leadership after she insisted on endorsing candidates based on their beliefs in limited government and traditional values.

Principles, he sneered, are for amateurs; professionals believe in winning. In response to the attack of the former Bush advisor and Fox News analyst, Hot Air blogger Allahpundit reminded him that she is effective in large part because she is “authentic and unpretentious.” Exactly, Rove thundered in return: those qualities have no place in Washington!…

Small wonder that Republican Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama, a veteran of almost two decades inside the Beltway, looked at the Tea Party-inspired Republican sweep and saw only danger…from Sarah Palin. He said of her Herculean effort in creating a Republican wave: she cost us the U.S. Senate! Stop her! he screamed. And the media answered with a barrage of articles offering advice on how to stop Palin.

Our own Doug Brady debunked the “Palin cost us the Senate” narrative last week.

Schwartz then turns his attention to Peggy Noonan. Oh, fun:

And over on the Upper East Side of New York City…Peggy Noonan takes time out from being quintessentially Manhattan and concentrates on the common enemy created by the midterm elections. Sarah Palin has again, she writes, proved herself “a nincompoop.” This “empty or crazy” woman actually thinks she’s capable of operating in the rarefied atmosphere of official Washington, of holding her own with the media establishment. Look at her: Palin hangs with her family and enjoys such tacky pursuits as hunting and fishing.

Meanwhile, everyone who is anyone knows that a life truly worth living begins here, where Lauren Weisberger first read from The Devil Wears Prada to the applause of Peggy’s friends. Prada, not Palin. There’s a world of difference in those five letters beginning with “P”…

Schwartz concludes:

And so Parker and Spitzer join with Noonan and Rove and others of the political establishment to stop the greatest threat to come out of the midterm Republican victories: Sarah Palin.

By winning, she has lost, for they all understand that there’s no hope of her joining them, of compromising her principles.

That’s a “loss” worth celebrating.

Read the whole piece here if you want to see Schwartz’s takedown of Kathleen Parker.

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