Scott Conroy: Palin Aides Relish Beltway’s Skepticism

Scott Conroy recently interviewed some of Governor Palin’s staff, including foreign policy advisor Michael Goldfarb:

Palin’s small inner circle kept their eyes on the prize, pausing every now and then to chuckle at the dismissiveness of the Beltway establishment.

“Look at what’s happened over the past two years, and you tell me that we don’t have a more effective strategy than our peers,” Palin aide Michael Goldfarb told RealClearPolitics. “Who’s been able to get their message out more effectively? Who’s had greater influence? And you tell me why we should play by the same rules that the press wants everybody to play by. It doesn’t make any sense…”

“She’s been very effective at setting up a new paradigm for communicating with people, and it’s been a great success,” Goldfarb said. “If that marginalizes reporters sometimes, well then boo-hoo.”

Conroy also talked to Rebecca Mansour:

Mansour laughed at the criticism that holds that Palin has shown herself unwilling to do the necessary grunt work of running a grassroots campaign.

“Of course she understands what she needs to do,” Mansour said. “At that time, we were trying to get people elected, and she was doing what she needed to do to get them elected. I think she’s one of those people who really takes that old adage that there’s a time for everything, and when the time comes to do that, she’ll do it.”

Mansour paused before adding, “if she decides to run”….

But hasn’t the scathing and often derisive tone she has reverted to in engaging with the other side made her irredeemable to everyone outside her conservative base?

“People don’t understand this, but she’s a happy warrior,” Mansour said. “She enjoys a good debate-she really does. When she was goofing on Politico and calling them ‘puppy kicking, anti-dentites,’ she was saying that tongue-in-cheek and smiling. It’s not really that she’s thin-skinned.”

Mansour granted that Palin’s casual use of the Twitter medium has made it difficult for many observers to understand that she has a smile on her face when she makes her most biting criticisms, but she insisted that Palin is “one of the happiest people I know.”

Asked if Palin would put her record up against any other elected official in the country, Mansour did not hesitate. “Absolutely,” she said. “And we would win on that undoubtedly because of what she accomplished in the time she was there.”

Mansour cited Palin’s achievements ranging from her successful fight to invite competition for plans to build a natural gas pipeline in Alaska to education reform. Mansour also offered without prompting her take on Palin’s record on public employee retirement systems-an issue that sitting governors are currently facing nationwide.

“I don’t think that people realize she had to reform that in Alaska, as well, and there was tremendous pressure put on her to return to the unfunded underwater defined benefits program, but she had to reform it to make it solid, and because she didn’t cave on it, the unions ran full page ads against her in Juneau,” Mansour said. “She knows these issues because she’s been at the forefront of them for 20 years in public office.”

There’s much more at the full article here.

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