The Left Breaks upon the Rock of Palin

John Hayward at Human Events (aka Dr. Zero at Hot Air) has an excellent piece today about the hatred and unhinged nature of the Left regarding anything Governor Palin involves herself in. With his usual eloquence, Hayward highlights the Left’s reaction to the word, “refudiate”, and Governor Palin’s reference to the year 1773 in a Tea Party Express rally among other things :

The most astonishing thing about Sarah Palin’s career, since the conclusion of the 2008 presidential campaign, is how frequently the Left breaks itself to pieces against the sunny rocks of her good humor. The latest example is the website Gawker, which seems on the verge of being sued out of existence because they rushed to leak photocopied pages from her new book, America By Heart, before it was published. When Palin called them on it, Gawker ran a snotty response, complete with an unflattering photo of the former Governor, suggesting she try reading fair-use copyright laws. Mary Sue at the Ruby Slippers blog makes a compelling case that no one at Gawker bothered reading beyond the first paragraph of the Wikipedia entry on the laws in question, while Palin and her publishers sensibly contacted their lawyers.

Before that, we had the “refudiate” tempest in a teapot, in which a simple verbal gaffe, followed by a Twitter joke in which Palin compared herself to Shakespeare, drove the Left into a frenzy. It ended with conservatives cheerfully stitching “refudiate” into their battle flags, and the New Oxford American Dictionary declaring it the 2010 Word of the Year. Conservatives who enjoyed a soft chuckle about the whole affair have no idea how serious liberals were about this. They flooded the Internet with howls of outrage. How could anyone support a stupid, ignorant chill-billy who would get simple words like “repudiate” or “corpse man” wrong? (Wait, sorry, the latter was Barack Obama.) I’ve read stories as recently as this weekend bitterly castigating Palin because the writer thinks she meant it when she compared herself to Shakespeare.

The general contempt of the Left for middle-class Americans is reflected in the attacks they launch against hated targets. Liberal politics is rooted in such contempt, as a matter of logic: the belief that all affairs must be managed by the State absolutely requires the belief that free people cannot manage those affairs on their own. At best, the people are sweet-natured dopes who have no chance against the corporate machine that preys upon them. At worse, the people are greedy and selfish idiots who require the firm hand of enlightened liberals to avoid consuming each other in an orgy of capitalism. Populist, or even just popular, conservatives receive a stiff dose of the venom boiling in the liberal heart for the common folk who elevate them to stardom.

The Left can’t help underestimating Palin. Their world-view will not permit serious engagement with someone they have formally ruled beneath their notice, championing ideas they try very hard not to think about. She’s not just arguing for minor adjustments to the system liberals have constructed over the past century. She questions its very existence, alongside a Tea Party movement that gets the same treatment she does. They’re also very sensitive about threats to their cultural dominance, which Palin threatens with her easygoing charm… frequently broadcast through Fox News, which has already done irreparable damage to leftist media control.

The Left drew some blood from Palin during the 2008 campaign, hitting her hard when she was still learning how to handle a national audience, and getting precious little help from the McCain campaign. She survived, and liberals who try to dismiss her with casual slander increasingly find themselves sneering at each other across a media space the general public has long since vacated. If she runs for office again, Democrat political operatives would be wise to consider what she’s actually saying, not Tina Fey’s fevered opinion of it, and understand that the number of people willing to completely ignore her is not going to increase. The public will not have a difficult time choosing between a pleasant lady with a winning sense of humor and some serious ideas to discuss, and the bitter scolds who think they can drown her out, if they can just put enough spittle behind calling her an idiot.

Read the whole piece here.

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