The Palin Factor: Even Republican Elites Don’t Get It

A piece by Lance Fairchok with the above title appears in today’s American Thinker. An excerpt follows:

What our elites do not understand is that many Americans may tune into “Sarah’s Alaska,” and unlike Obama, Dick Armey, and Karl Rove, they will see a real person and a real family, someone like them, someone they understand and who understands their world. Elites on both sides of the aisle may look down their patrician noses at Palin for using such a “common” venue or for abbreviating “are” as “r” on Twitter, but they, as usual, miss the point. This last election taught many average citizens something they had long forgotten: their vote counts. They are part of a truly popular movement outside of the mainstream that can and has changed things. They will not soon forget.

As people watch the train-wreck that is the Obama administration unfold, they are beginning to realize just how much the press, the politicians and their government has lied to them. There is a dawning realization that being a mayor of a good-sized town gives a person some very useful skills. Taxes, utilities, law enforcement, education, and myriad other things fill a mayor’s day. Palin did it for ten years and did it well. It is true community organizing. It is a leadership proving ground with measurable human consequences — America and America’s problems in a microcosm. Palin cut her teeth there and made it to the governor’s office, where, brief though her tenure was, she excelled. Her entry into national politics was perhaps premature, but the crucible of the 2008 election cut away much of her naïveté.

Here in flyover country, we see an honest woman with our values and our best interests at heart. She is not a liar, nor is she a fool, and she is as angry as we are. The “we love her but don’t want her to be president” push poll is meaningless two years out from 2012. It is a tool to mute enthusiasm for her. The electorate is tired of “old boys” and their endless manipulations. The Tea Party and Sarah Palin are not sitting back, content to savor the latest victories. The spin-masters and talking heads who lament Palin’s lack of “gravitas” forget that Obama has “gravitas” aplenty. Obama’s attitude is a façade and an affectation, while Palin, love her or hate her, is the real deal. Unlike Obama, you can read the details in her résumé. That counts for something now.

Read Fairchok’s entire piece here.

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