2011 Predictions Contest

I screwed up the 2010 predictions contest last year by asking too many “closest to the pin” questions, which made it impossible to evaluate how anyone did in the contest. Well, for the purposes of the 2011 contest, we’ve decided to go with only one two-part question because there is really only one question that matters for the purposes of 2011 and hopefully beyond. “Closest to the pin” wins:

Predict the date on which and the location where Governor Palin will officially announce whether she’s running for the presidency or not.

So the person who comes closest to the date and location of her announcement will win the contest. I cannot promise that the award for winning this contest will be better than the DWTS Mirror Ball.

Hopefully by this time next year, the 2012 predictions contest will center on her predicted victory margin in the Iowa caucuses and the date on which she acquires the necessary amount of delegates to clinch the GOP nomination.

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