Things to Tell Your Leftist Relatives at Christmas About Governor Palin

Before you rush off to spend time with family and friends this Christmas, think about what you might say if someone at your gathering starts attacking Governor Palin.

Some examples via Hillbuzz:

(1) Sarah Palin is a quitter and quit her job in Alaska:

A: Governor Palin held elected positions in Alaska for longer than Obama was a US Senator before he ran for the presidency. Obama quit his job as Senator to take on another job, just as you have left positions you have held and gone on to other things too. Governor Palin was actually attacked on a daily basis by the Left, since Democrats funded a nonstop campaign of frivolous lawsuits against her.

The way Alaskan law worked, she had to personally pay to defend herself from all of those frivolous suits…and Alaskan law said it had to come out of her own pocket and that she was not allowed to raise money via a legal fund. So, she had to leave her position to earn money to defend herself against frivolous attacks Democrats deliberately made on her to bankrupt her. She took a job writing a book, giving speeches, and working for FOX and after a year was able to pay off everything Democrats cost her. That law in Alaska has since been changed so that Democrats can never do the same thing to another Governor.


(3) Governor Palin is a…. you fill in the blank with the Left’s misogynistic epithets against her:

A: I put this in here because, honestly, this is actually the most frequent thing that the Left hits at Governor Palin with. It’s a non-substantive, nebulous, two-minute-hate against her that has nothing really to do about her. It might be that she’s just hated because she’s a successful woman who doesn’t shut up when told and never retreats, only reloads. She’s beautiful, has an awesome family, chose to give life to a special needs baby, has a career and a home and a hot husband and everything the women on the Left want but have never been able to balance. Plus, people show up by the thousands on the mere rumor of her turning up at an event somewhere.

Last time I checked, Obama’s having trouble getting 1,200 people to fill a room to hear him speak in Democrat strongholds like Cleveland. So, call her all the names you want, Leftists. She doesn’t care. If anyone in your presence uses foul language like this at Christmas dinner, then you should know best how to handle the inappropriateness of that…if someone defaults to name-calling an pejoratives merely asking that person why he can’t express himself without curse words and misogyny is usually enough to win that debate.

More here.

What about you? What (if any) attacks are you anticipating and what are your ideas to counter them?

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