Are People Too Stupid To Recognize that the Daily Kos Pollster had Parnell Winning By Only 11 and McAdams at 30% in Alaska?

AOL is citing the Daily Kos pollster as authority for this article about Governor Palin’s standing in Alaska. The first problem with this article is that it never tells its readers that the Daily Kos employs the pollster in question.

The second problem is that AOL and anyone citing the Daily Kos pollster as authoritative hasn’t looked closely at the sample from which the Daily Kos pollster drew its numbers about Palin. Anyone who did would see that the Daily Kos pollster drew a laughable and unrepresentative sample of the Alaska’s electorate.

The sample shows Sean Parnell beating Ethan Berkowitz by a 54-43 margin in the Alaska gubernatorial contest. The reality is that Parnell defeated Berkowitz by a 59-38 margin. The sample also showed the clueless community organizer, a.k.a. Scott McAdams, with 30% of the vote in the Alaska Senate contest. McAdams finished with barely over 23%. It’s pretty clear that the Daily Kos pollster found an overly Democrat-leaning sample when you consider how badly the pollster overestimated the performances of dishonorable clowns like Berkowitz and McAdams.

If you need any more convincing, just ask the Daily Kos pollster how a sample that found the difference between McCain voters and Obama voters from 2008 to be only 14% is in anyway representative of Alaska as a whole. John McCain and Governor Palin won Alaska by around 22 percent, not the hilarious 54-40 margin that the Daily Kos pollster found.

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