Calabrese: Palin Knows The Issues, Ed

It looks like it’s Ed Rollins’ Refudiation Day on C4P. First Whitney’s excellent smackdown

Dan Calabrese is the latest to take on GOP strategist Ed Rollins’ condescending rant about Palin.

Via the North Star National:

There is much to mock about a piece on Gov. Palin’s supposed lack of presidential qualifications, especially coming from a man who once tried to help win the presidency for H. Ross Perot, who was not only unqualified but also insane.

But the one that deserves to be exploded is one of the most oft-repeated, condescending slams on Palin. It certainly does not represent any original thinking on Rollins’s part, as it’s been expressed many times by the likes of George Will and just about every D.C.-based political consultant. It is this:

“If you want to be a player, go to school and learn the issues.”

Bull****, Mr. Rollins. Bull****.

The notion that Sarah Palin isn’t up to speed on the issues is one of the most groundless ideas on the political landscape today. Take your pick where it comes from: The stupid Charlie Gibson “Bush Doctrine” question? (In which Gibson demonstrated he doesn’t know anything about the Bush Doctrine.) The media’s full-court coverup of Palin’s truthfulness in talking about death panels? People’s confusion between Tina Fey’s caricature and the genuine article?

Whatever the source, it only goes to prove that lots of people believing something doesn’t make it true.

Spend some time on Palin’s Facebook page, where she regularly holds forth on the issues. See what she has to say about tax policy, the WikiLeaks fiasco, monetary policy, energy policy, Iraq and the crucial priorities facing the incoming GOP Congress.

Read the whole thing here.

On a related note, I’d like to remind everyone what Michael Reagan, Ronald Reagan’s son, wrote about Governor Sarah Palin after she arrived on the political scene like a supernova in September 2008.

Welcome Back, Dad

Apparently, Ed Rollins, Joe Scarborough and Peggy Noonan think they know Reagan better than his own son (the one who stayed conservative). Maybe they should ask Nancy Reagan if they can be adopted into the Reagan family since they presume to be the arbiters of the Gipper’s political legacy and who can appropriately even mention his name.

Finally, I would just point out that if someone had asked Palin whether being a commercial fisherwoman were sufficiently “presidential” she might just as well have replied, “Well, wasn’t Jimmy Carter a peanut farmer?”

Pointing out a presidential fact suddenly becomes a national crisis.


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