Christmas Eve Open Thread

I hope everyone has a great Christmas. Here’s the news for the day:

-Even the pro-Pawlenty blog Powerline concedes that in a field without Huckabee, “Palin is the most likely nominee. In a field that also includes Mike Huckabee, Palin’s chances of being nominated obviously are reduced, but remain pretty good.”

Pick your foreign policy expert: Palin or these creeps?

The Palin ‘Glaring Gaffe’ That Wasn’t.

Pathologically Dishonest Media Matters Names Sarah Palin 2010 “Misinformer of the Year” Only Because They Didn’t Want to Pick Glenn Beck Two Years in a Row

-Even Obama voter Ann Althouse sides with Governor Palin over Huckabee and Michelle Obama.

-Joe Miller’s statement on the Alaska Supreme Court ruling.


-More clear evidence that Mike Huckabee is not running for President.

Report from Iowa: Tough slog for Pawlenty

So what else is going on today?

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