Christmas Joy: Teenage Boys Like Sarah Palin’s Alaska

For all of you who have lost faith in the next generation, thinking they were all Obama Kool-Aid drinkers and Jersey Shore wannabees, this little tale will warm your heart and restore your hope for mankind.

It comes courtesy of Larry Johnson, a renegade Democrat, who founded the excellent PUMA website, No Quarter. Granted, it’s anecdotal, but it shows Sarah Palin is a conservative political phenomenon the likes of which America has not seen in some time, and Sarah Palin’s Alaska is a cultural touchpoint showcasing what American family life and real feminism can be.

Enjoy this Christmas story … and have a pleasant holiday season:

Last night we hosted a Christmas Party at our house for the nurses who work for my wife. […] Among the more than 50 people crowded into our house were a small group of teenagers, boys and girls. … Three of the teenage boys were eager to play billiards and I obliged them.
When the billiards match concluded … the boys decided to sit down and watch some tube. It is not your normal system and the remote is not easy to figure out so I offered to get them the channel they wanted. Imagine my shock when all three–the ten year old boy, the fourteen and the fifteen year old–requestedSARAH PALIN’S ALASKA. I have HBO, Showtime, Encore and NFL Network. […]

Yet, despite all of those options, the boys wanted to watch Sarah Palin’s show. Hell, I did not even realize it was on. These guys knew where and when the show was on. That tells me something about the Sarah phenomena. She is resonating with a segment of society I never imagined would have a clue about her.

One of the boys did confess that he found Sarah’s daughter, and I’m quoting here, “HOT.” I found that reassuring in that one would expect teenage boys to be thinking about girls.

Democrats beware. All of your attacks on Sarah Palin and your attempts to demonize her or demean her intellect are likely to backfire. You know Sarah is a genuine phenomena when you are confronted with the fact that three boys with a chance to watch anything on TV choose to watch Sarah.

How’s that for a Christmas story?

Oh, and did you hear Sarah Palin was Zogby’s Person of the Year? Second place? President Obama. She beat him by five points (21-16).

Maybe it’s because unlike Obama, Sarah Palin is informed. That’s right, despite the tabloid-worthy interview given by Barbara Walters, Palin has been right on the issues all along, including recently when she told us that food prices were going up.

And guess what? They are. One hundred fifty percent faster than the overall inflation rate.

Better stock up on the figgy pudding. It’s gonna get worse. Especially if you’ve got a house full of teenage boys.

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